Welcome to John Taylor High School

Welcome from the Head of School


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to John Taylor High School. As an ‘outstanding’ school we have a proven track record of providing a high quality education for young people, and we celebrate their academic and personal achievement with them and their families. The governors, staff, and parents are not, however, complacent and share a great ambition for the future of the school community.

At John Taylor High School we have exceptionally high standards in all respects. We strive to develop our students, who through determination and resilience, reach the best that they can be, in all they do. We insist on considerate behaviour which creates a safe and highly effective learning environment for all of the school community.  We want our students to participate and seize every opportunity that the school has to offer.

Our philosophy here at John Taylor High School is ‘Turn up, work hard, be nice’, highlighting the important link between attendance and achievement. We want our students to be in school all the time and on time, so that they are not missing out on valuable learning opportunities. Sharing our high expectations with our students, ensuring that they are working hard and doing their best in all situations. Last, but not least – the importance of being nice. Our students are in a strong supportive community, based on mutually respectful relationships which will provide support when needed, to fulfil their potential.


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