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John Taylor High School celebrates another year of excellent A-Level Results


Despite the challenges of these unprecedented times, students and staff at John Taylor High School are celebrating another year of outstanding results.

The cancellation of 2020 A Level and BTEC exams was a tremendous blow to both the staff and students who had been working tirelessly to prepare for exams that were just months away. Throughout May, staff followed DfE guidelines to ensure that the Centre Assessed Grade that was submitted reflected each individual’s potential and the full range of assessment data to hand, and with the publication of results today, John Taylor High School, its pupils and staff have much to celebrate.

A number of students have achieved phenomenal results. They include Mai Mulvey (A*A*A*A), Abigail Ramsey (A*A*A*A), Oliver Turner (A*A*A*AB), Kate Silcock (A*A*A*), Joel Cross (A*A*AA), Lucie Eadon (A*A*AB), Connor Kirke (A*A*A), Josie Osborne (A*A*A), Benjamin Revil (A*A*AA), Hannah Williams (A*A*A), Samuel Bradbury (A*AAB), Osla Campbell (A*AA), Edward Chandler (A*AAA), Samuel Ehlen (A*AA), Benjamin Fossett (A*AB), Myles O’Hanlon (A*AB), Areeba Urfan (A*AA), Cara Williams (A*AAB), Jacob Catterall (AAA), Mu’tasim Chaudhary (AAAB), George Handy (AAA), Miriam Harrison (AAA), Sophie Williams (AAAC), Shannon Robinson (AAB).

These A-Level results were matched by an impressive set of Vocational qualifications. Amelie Scroggs (D*D*D A), Rebekah Lord (D*D*A C), Olivia Moran (D*D*D), Georgia McMullen (D*DD), Holly Pearsall (D*DD), Lucy Thompson (D*DD), Stevie Williams (D*DD) Aqsa Shan (DDD), Emma Johnson (DDD), Jade Wooton (DDD), Isabelle Ogden (DDAA), Phoebe Mills (DDC).

Intended destinations for the Class of 2020 includes Oxford, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Warwick, Cardiff, Nottingham, Sheffield, Durham, Loughborough, to name a few and their chosen subjects include Mathematics, French, Physics, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Music, Biochemistry, Sport and Exercise Science, Engineering, Nursing, Business Management, Computer Science, Law, Building Surveying and many more.

Director of Post 16, Mrs Spencer said “I am so proud of our students who have demonstrated tremendous resilience throughout these challenging times. They have persevered and have continued to study hard to ensure that they are fully prepared for the next stage in their lives. Many of our students have used their time during the lockdown to complete additional courses, further demonstrating the value they place on their education and recognising that learning does not just stop because you haven’t got an examination to take or you are not in school. Other students have demonstrated their integrity and kindness by supporting many charities and individuals in need during this difficult time. This is testament to the combination of strong pastoral support, excellent teaching and opportunities to experience a wide range of activities which prepare our students to tackle even the most challenging circumstances.”

“As Head of School at John Taylor High School, I could not be prouder of the class of 2020 during what has been an extremely challenging period. There have been some fantastic achievements which is a testament to the students’ commitment, resilience and hard-work which has been consistently demonstrated throughout their time with us’, said Head of School Mrs. Cochrane. “Our students have been successful in a range of both academic and vocational course, which has enabled them to secure University places at a range of establishments as well as higher level apprenticeships. This success is also down to the fantastic support the students receive from their parents, teachers and the wider community connected with the school. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students for their academic hard work, thank them for their contributions to the wider school community and wish them every success for their collective futures.”

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If you are interested in finding out more about John Taylor High School, we would encourage you to attend one of our online open evenings:

Year 6 (For Year 7 September 2021 intake) 22nd October 2020

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