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DofE Silver Practice Payment

We hope your child enjoyed their weekend at the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Practice.

Please make payment as soon as possible by clicking on this link.

If you have any queries, please email

Many thanks

Mr Simmons

Urgent: JT1 and JT2 Bus Transport

Dear Parents and Carers             

Staffordshire County Council School Transport have been in touch with JTHS this afternoon. They have informed me that the contracted company for the JT1 and JT2 services has been changed from Deluxe Coaches to Solus with effect from Monday 27th September. Solus Coaches are a company that has transported our students on other routes, so we know them well and have a good relationship with them.

This is a sudden change to the contractors and, unfortunately, there will be an impact on the timings of the buses to ensure that our students can be transported to JTHS. This is out of the school’s control, but I believe that it may result in a better service. The main changes are as follows:


Students on JT1 will be picked up approximately 30 minutes later compared to the current timetable. There should be no change for the afternoon times.


JT2 – The only change is pick up at Fox Lane is 10 mins earlier than currently (8.30 changed to 8.20)


There will be two coaches running rather than once coach doing a double run for both the morning and afternoon travel.

Clearly, this has come at very short notice, and there is an urgency to communicate this to parents. Please can you share these times with your children? The School Transport team do send their apologies for this change. I will monitor the arrival on Monday. I hope there will not be too much disruption.

This is a temporary adjustment to the travel, and it will be in place until half term. I will be working with the School Transport team to ensure that the permanent changes are suitable for our students and will be seeking feedback from parents.

With best wishes

J Twynham

Deputy Head of School

Message to Parents 19.09.21

Dear Parents and Carers

We hope that you and your children have had a good weekend. We just wanted to share a few messages at the end of our first full week of school.

Memorial Garden

Morrisons are currently running a promotion called “It’s Good to Grow”. From September, for every £10 spent in store or online, shoppers get one Grow Token that we can then redeem for a wide range of gardening and growing equipment. As you know, we are renovating our Memorial Garden, and so we are desperate for all the equipment we can get! All the information you need is in the following link:  .

My School Fund

My School Fund is an exciting initiative that combines the spending power of parents, guardians, carers and teachers to help boost your school or nursery budget. Signing up to the scheme is free and you can start earning cashback on the things you buy in participating retail stores, including Sainsbury’s and Argos. As you spend you will receive 2% cashback in the form of eGift vouchers that can be redeemed in participating stores. By linking your spend to our school on the My School Fund website the school also earn 1% cashback on your spend. Sign up today at

Face Coverings

We would just like to make a polite reminder that we are recommending all students on dedicated school transport should be wearing faces masks as they travel to and from school. Please can you ensure your child has these to take to school?

School Photographs

All students will be having the opportunity to have their individual photographs taken this Tuesday, 21st September. The students will arrive home with a proof and orders can be placed directly through JSSP Photography. The school will receive those purchased and distribute them during morning registration.

Building Work

As you may be aware, we are in the process of building a new 8-classroom block to replace the recently demolished mobile classrooms. Groundworks are taking place this week which has meant some slight disruption to the students access to the playing fields. We are very much looking forward to having the new classrooms in use towards the middle of the spring term.

With best wishes

The Senior Leadership Team

Weekly SLT Message

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been excellent this week to finally have all our students back in school and we hope that they are enjoying being back in their classrooms. The students have demonstrated great personal excellence throughout the in-school LFD testing that we have been required to undertake. It takes around 6 minutes for us to test each student and once everyone has been tested twice, we will have carried out over 3000 tests. We are very grateful to the students and to our fantastic support staff and teachers who have administered the tests. Our final round of in-school testing will take place on Monday.

LFD Testing Kits

For those who have consented, students have been issued with home testing kits this morning. Our Test Register system will again begin to send reminders out on a Monday and Thursday morning for students to carry out a home LFD test. Please can you report these results to Test Register and the Government website? Again, we thank you for your continued support with this testing to help reduce the transmission of COVD in school.

Canteen Funds

We would like to politely ask that you check to see if your child’s Parent Pay account is in credit. If it needs to please can you top this up as we have found a number of students’ accounts are in deficit

Bus transport

The start of term often presents a few teething issues with bus transport. We work closely with the County Council and transport companies to ensure that this is as smooth as possible. We are aware that, due to some road works, the 810 bus from Burton has been arriving after 9am in the morning. If a bus is late, for any reason, students should report to the data hub to sign in before going to registration.

Pupils over the age of 11 travelling on school bus services, are encouraged to continue to wear a face covering when boarding, during the journey and when they get off the vehicle. This is in line with the advice from Government for public transport and crowded spaces. If your child travels to school by bus or taxi, please can you ensure they leave the house with a face mask or two to support this guidance?



As you will be very aware, the roads surrounding the school can become very busy at the start and end of the day. We would like to remind parents when picking their children up to be considerate of other road users and residents. This extends to our Year 13 drivers too. Please refrain from parking in the spaces allocated to the local library next to school. Due to the number of buses and taxis dropping students off in the morning, please do not enter the school site at these times, unless you have made specific arrangements with the school.

Open evening dates

The opportunity to showcase our school through our Post 16 and New Intake Evenings will soon be upon us. We will issue more details in due course but please make a note of the following dates:

14th October – Post 16

21st October – New Year 7 2022 Intake

We hope to be able to provide some opportunity for prospective parents and their children to visit the site during these evenings

Whole school Comms contacting the school.

In addition to this weekly communication from ourselves, the school has several lines of communication with parents. Details of these were communicated in the Weekly Newsletter sent out yesterday. We would like to encourage all parent and carers to read this document and sign up to our SZApp. Links can be found on the school website.


Please note, all student absence, including those related to COVID, should be reported through the absence line by 9am. For Years 7 – 11, please call 01283 247858 and for 6th Form, please call 01283 890772.

Once again, it has been lovely to see the students back in school this week, many sporting the new school uniform. We hope that both they and yourselves have a very restful weekend.

With very best wishes

The Senior Leadership Team

School communication and Go4Schools

September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Communication between school and parents has come a long way, with letters etc increasingly giving way to faster, multi-channel electronic communications via email and various online platforms and apps.  It is therefore very important that the school have your current email contact details and we encourage all parents to download both the Schoolzine and Go4Schools Apps.

Schoolzine App

The Schoolzine App has useful links, including the news feed, newsletters and school calendar and will also enable parents to receive messages via the App (push notifications). Please visit the link below for instructions on how to download SZapp. It is vital that you do engage with this form of communication as we do not send paper copies of any communication home and rely on these push notification as well as email.

Schoolzine app 


Go4Schools is our online platform whereby you can view important information regarding student timetables, homework, behaviour, attendance and student progress and reports. Information about how to log into Go4Schools can be found on this link:

Accessing Go4Schools

Go4Schools App

Again, if you have not already downloaded the Go4Schools App, there is a link below to their website where you can find details. The App should make use of the system far easier, particuarly now that homework can be viewed through it. At present you can only see information regarding student timetables, homework, attendance and behaviour, although other information is under development. 

Go4Schools app

Weekly Information for Parents

We send out a weekly link to information for parents. This is normally sent on Thursday each week by email and push notification to the Schoolzine App. Each message is tagged with the relevant year group, so you can navigate easily through and read only messages relevant to your child.

We can see from our system that many parents are not picking up these important messages.

Parent Evening Appointments

Parents evenings will once again be completed remotely during this acadmic year using our ‘SchoolCloud’ system. Appointments will be made online by parents and you will be notified, by email and push notification, when the booking system for your child’s parents evening is open.

Contact Details

If you need to inform us of any change of contact details for either you or your children, would you please use the form available in the Parents section of the school website on the link below, submitting your relevant change of details.  

JTHS Data collection sheet


Finally, don’t forget to regularly visit for information, including all our latest news.  You will also find links to access the above Apps and to ParentPay.

Kind Regards

K. Cochrane

Head of School

JT1, JT2, 004 Buses

All buses have now arrived and students have been collected from school.

Late Buses JT1, JT2, 004

The JT1, JT2 and 004 buses are currently running late and have not yet arrived in school to collect the students.  

Start of Term Message

Dear Parents and Carers


We hope that you have had a good summer and that the students are looking forward to getting back into school. Before term starts, we would like to raise the following points. We apologise for the length of this message, but you will appreciate that there have been some changes over the summer period.

  • Lateral Flow Testing in School

As per the Government requirements, all students will need to complete two on-site Lateral Flow Device tests at the start of term. Students will undertake one LFD test on their first day of school and a second 3 – 5 days later. To do this, we need consent from you, as parents and guardians. We still have a number of outstanding consent forms. If you have not yet done so, please can you complete this consent, prior to your child returning to school? The consent form can be accessed via the following link:

John Taylor High School eNewsletter (

Following these initial two tests, students will be required to test at home on a twice weekly basis. This will be reviewed by Government at the end of September. The school will provide students with take home kits next week.

  • Staggered Start and Remote Learning

In order to complete the necessary LFD testing, we are implementing a staggered start to the school term for students. From Monday, if a year group is not yet in school, they will receive remote learning via TEAMS for each lesson, including morning registration. This is a legal requirement, and we are expecting all students at home to attend these sessions. Students will receive a TEAMS invite to these sessions. The remote learning will include some element of live teaching as well as independent work. This will be of high quality. Please see below for a reminder of the staggered start:

  • Friday 3rd September – Year 7 first day in school (Test Reg and period 1, in lessons P2 and P3). Year 12 (Test period 2, in lessons P3). Year 13 (Test period 3 only then home.)
  • Monday 6th September – Year 10 (Test reg and period 1, in lessons P2 and P3). Year groups in school 7, 10, 12 and 13. Remote learning Years 8, 9 and 11.
  • Tuesday 7th September – Year 11 first day in school (Test reg and period 1, in lessons P2 and P3). Year groups in school 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Remote learning Years 8 and 9.
  • Wednesday 8th September – Year 9 first day in school (Test Reg and period 1, in lessons P2 and P3). Year groups in school 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Remote learning Year 8.
  • Thursday 9th September – Year 8 (Test reg and period 1, in lessons P2 and P3). All year groups in school.

Please see the correspondence on the following link for the exact times that students need to be in each day.

 Parents info and consent linkLFT September 2021v2

If students come to school by bus, they will be operating as normal from Friday morning and so students should come to school on this transport.


  • Face Masks

The government has removed the requirement to wear face masks in law but expects and recommends that they are worn in enclosed and crowded spaces where individuals may come into contact with people they do not normally meet. This includes public transport and dedicated transport to school or college. As a school we have made the decision to allow students and staff to wear face masks if they wish to whilst in school.

  • PE Lessons

From this September we will revert to students using the changing rooms to change into their PE kits for their lessons. As such, on days when they have PE, students should arrive to school in full uniform with their PE kit in a suitable kit bag to change into. We are asking students to bring in their PE kit from for their first timetabled PE lesson.

  • Buses

As we have already mentioned, bus services will resume from Friday morning, 3rd September. We would ask that students sit with their year groups and remain in this seat for each journey. Face masks should continue to be worn on all school transport, as per Government guidance above.

  • General Information about COVID

We will continue to have hand sanitisers in all classrooms, including the canteen and we ask that students use these regularly. Students are being encouraged to have their own sanitiser as well as some tissues in case they need to cough or sneeze.

If your child has any symptoms of COVID, they must not come into school. You should book them in for a PCR test to confirm infection. Close contacts will be contacted by NHS test and trace and will be advised to take a precautionary PCR but will not be required to self-isolate. All adults who are double vaccinated will not be required to self-isolate. Further information about Stay-at-Home Guidance can be found via this link:

Staffordshire County Council have also written to all parents with some key messages. This can be viewed in the following link

 Letter to Parents from Staffs CC

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the students into school from Friday.

With very best wishes

The Senior Leadership Team

IMPORTANT: Duke of Edinburgh Balance to pay

Dear Parent

The balance of £85 for the Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award remains outstanding, and must be paid urgently.

If you have any issues with paying today, please email to advise when payment will be made.


JTHS Finance

IMPORTANT. Return to School dates - LFD Testing & Consent

Dear Parents and Carers

If you have not already completed the consent form for the new LFD test, that students will be completing upon their return to school in September, please complete the form in the following link as soon as possible.  Parents info and consent linkLFT September 2021v2

The guidance for schools for the September 2021 opening, has been updated in July 2021, the link is here: Schools COVID-19 operational guidance (

We have produced a set of General Student COVID Protocols that we have written in response to this guidance. We would encourage all our parents and students to read this information prior to the start of the new term in September. These protocols can be found here: Student protocol September 2021

Start of Term

We will need to complete the new LFD tests with students twice upon their return to school. Students are able to attend lessons following their first LFD test. In order to provide capacity for us to test the students, we are staggering the start of the school year as follows:

Friday 3rd SeptemberYear 7s will arrive as normal for school, Year 12 will come in during period 2 in an allocated slot and stay for the rest of the day, and Year 13 will come in during period 3 in an allocated slot and then go home.

Monday 6th September -  Year 7, 12, 10, 13 in as normal. Year 10 will be tested during period 1.

Tuesday 7th September – Year 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 in as normal. Year 11 will be tested during period 1.

Wednesday 8th September – Year 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 as normal. Year 9 will be tested during period 1.

Thursday 9th September – All years. Year 8 will be tested during period 1.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back in September.

With very best wishes

The Senior Leadership Team