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Vision & Values

One community, striving for personal excellence.

In order to achieve our vision and reflect our core values, we will strive to:

  • Create an inclusive school culture where strong relationships are built on mutual respect, kindness and acceptance of others.
  • Encourage all to engage positively in the school and wider community, acting with integrity and taking responsibility for our choices and achievements.
  • Work together to secure success for all members of our community. Deliver effective, research-informed lessons that challenge and motivate students to work hard, persevere and achieve.
  • Offer highly valuable and memorable experiences within and beyond the classroom that enhance personal development and academic excellence.

Our Vision and Values

As I am sure you are aware, here at John Taylor we have a brand new vision this year for our school and our students. After much discussion with staff from all areas of the school, governors, parents and students themselves we created the vision of “One community, striving for personal excellence”. We want all our students to value and contribute to both our community in school and in the wider communities that we share and participate in. We also want our students to always try to be their very best in all that they do, both in and out of school.  We also chose the four key values of kindness, perseverance, integrity and respect as the values we would like all our students to show.

Young Ambassadors


In June every year students from years 8 through to year 10 are invited to apply to become a John Taylor Young Sporting Ambassador. In ‘normal’ years they will help with the events that Mrs Berry holds for the members of our communities, which range from Bhangra dancing, Indoor Athletics, Dodgeball, rounders, multi skills festivals through to community teas for the elderly members of the village.


However, due to Covid-19, none of these activities have been able to take place. Instead, over the summer, all the Young Ambassadors were asked to do a Power Point presentation about a sport of their choice, which have been sent to our primary schools, and the year 6s have used them to present assemblies.


Mrs Berry also asked the Young Ambassadors to paint a ‘happy stone’ and write a letter describing their passion for sport, which were this week distributed in a community box to the bungalows in Palmers Close. The boxes also explained our new school Vision and Values, and a slice of cake baked by Mrs Smith from the Food Technology department!


As well as those delivered by our Young Ambassadors, 12 more boxes were distributed to other deserving members of our community on by our very own Mrs Palmer.



Within half an hour of the boxes being delivered, Mrs Berry received an email from the son of a 103- year- old gentleman who said his Dad was thrilled to receive the box and was now busy doing his homework (In the box was a card asking for them to write about their sporting experiences when they were at school)!



Five more Young Ambassadors will be out delivering Christmas cards with a packet of seeds inside (donated by Byrkley Garden Centre) and a raffle ticket to every bungalow in Palmer’s Close, and will also be delivering parcels of food to other members of our community.


As I am sure you can imagine, we are immensely proud of all our Young Ambassadors and Mrs Berry, who are truly living our vision of “One community, striving for personal excellence”, and demonstrating our core values of kindness, respect, perseverance and integrity.


Year 7 Vision and Values Challenge

To promote our new values, and to tie in with World Values Day on October 15th, we challenged all of year 7 to ‘live our values’ for four weeks by taking on our ‘Vision and Values Challenge’.  We challenged them to try and do something every day that reflects one of our values or our vision, be it in school or out. They might have got a merit, a good mark in a test, scored a goal in a match, pass a dance or music exam, or do something kind for a classmate, sibling or other family member. They might have made a positive contribution to the school community or the wider one. When they did, they noted it down on the back of their challenge card. There were spaces for Monday to Friday for four weeks (the last of which was half term), although we encouraged them to try and fill in weekends too. We also had almost 50 staff who accepted the challenge too!

At the end of the four weeks all cards were counted, and over a third of the year group filled in EVERY SINGLE DAY for the whole month- a fantastic effort! We are so proud of all of those students who put our values into action, and their praise postcards will be sent home very soon, and Mrs Cochrane will be handing them their prizes this week.



Food Bank Collection

Year 7 are emulating Marcus Rashford MBE, who has shown kindness, perseverance, respect and integrity by campaigning against child poverty and hunger, by collecting for our local foodbank. As well as demonstrating our core values, we are thinking about those members of both our community and our wider local community who may be in need. Mrs Ball and 12T are also collecting for the foodbank by taking part in a ‘reverse advent calendar’- instead of receiving a gift every day, they donate an item to the foodbank every day.


The Elderly and Care Homes

Madame Roe and 13F and year 7 are thinking about the elderly members of our community by writing Christmas cards to those who may be feeling particularly lonely at this time of the year due to the pandemic. Year 8 will also be joining in by making Christmas banners for them. Finally, year 7 will be performing Christmas carols, which will be recorded following all social distancing and safety guidelines that will be sent and played in the care homes in our community.




We all know that social media can have a bad reputation at times- and often for good reason. However, it can also be a great way to keep in touch with the wider school community, including students, carers and anyone else who wishes to engage with our fantastic school.

With that in mind, we would love for you to follow our fantastic departments on Twitter to keep up to date with the fabulous things that are happening throughout the school. Below is a list of all the departments that use Twitter, along with their twitter ‘handles’. Many individual teachers also post regularly on Twitter, and can be found by exploring departments’ ‘following’ or ‘followers’ lists.

As previously mentioned, we would like to ensure all social media communication is positive and celebrates our students and our community. If you have any individual concerns about any issues associated with the use of social media or publications from JTHS, please do not address these using social media platforms, please contact School Reception who will direct the concern to the appropriate member of staff. Further information relating to positive engagement with social media can be found in the JTHS Online Safety Procedure.

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Kindness Ninjas


Our core value of Kindness really seems to be embedding throughout the school. A group of ‘Kindness Ninjas’ have anonymously been leaving gifts for members of staff around school, with messages of appreciation and gratitude!

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