School day and Term Dates

The school day is split into four time periods as follows:

Form Period from 09:00-09:25 (then 5 minutes movement time)

Period 1 from 09:30-11:30 : This includes a 100 minute lesson and a 20 minute break
Period 2 from 11:30-13:10 : This includes a 100 minute lesson and a 50 minute lunch break
Period 3 from 14:00-15:40 : This includes a 100 minute lesson.

Note : All break and lunch times below include 5 minutes movement time

Lower school (Y7/8/9)

Break time is 10:25-10:45
Lunch time
is 13:10-14:00

Upper school (Y10/11/12/13)

Break time is 11:10-11:30
Lunch time
is 13:10-14:00

All pupils have a 25 minute registration session with their form tutor each morning in Horizontal tutor groups of which one session is allocated as a house assembly.