Religious Education Provision

Religious Studies is taught as a core subject from Years 7-11 and is available as an A-Level option at Post-16.  

The curriculum is designed to give pupils a wide range of understanding of different World Religions, as well as allowing the opportunity to discuss, evaluate and explore different Philosophical and Ethical issues. The Religious Studies Department are committed to providing an imaginative and stimulating curriculum and classroom environment in order to develop students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, as well as developing skills of empathy in order to relate to the views of others. Students are able to see the relevance of what they study through the development of cross-curricular links (for example recently collaborating with the Art Department for a National ‘Spirited Arts’ competition) and through visits into the local community. Themes and topics covered at KS3-4 encourage pupils to be thoughtful, understanding and develop an awareness of the multicultural society in which they live.

Programme of study

Year 7

Pupils are taught Religious Studies for one 50minute lesson per week and cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics: Belief in God and ethical theories.
  • Signs and Symbols (including a visit to Coventry Cathedral)
  • Places of Pilgrimage
  • Introduction to Spirituality (including entry into the NATRE Spirited Arts competition)

Year 8

Pupils have two 50 minute lessons per week and study the following topics:

  • Introduction to Hinduism and Islam
  • Rules and Authority across the World Religions
  • Faith in Action – A study of Martin Luther King
  • Life and teachings of Jesus
  • Inspirational people – including an exploration of Atheist and Humanist views
  • Ethics – Relationships

Year 9

Pupils begin their study of the AQA Religious Studies A Full course. They have two 50 minute lessons per week and cover the following topics:

  • Christianity Beliefs
  • Islam Beliefs
  • Theme: Crime and Punishment
  • Christianity Practices
  • Islam Practices
  • Theme: Religion and Life which covers topics such as abortion and euthanasia

 Year 10

Pupils continue with their study of the Full Course GCSE and have one 50 minute lesson per week. They cover the following topics:

  • Theme: Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Christianity – Beliefs and Practices continued
  • Islam – Beliefs and Practice continued
  • Theme: Religion, War and Peace

Year 11

Pupils complete their study of the Full Course GCSE on one 50 minute lesson per week. They cover the following:

  • Completion of War and Peace topic
  • Revision and exam technique


Pupils have the option to continue to study Religious Studies: Religion, Philosophy and Ethics following the AQA syllabus. In this course they would study:

  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Religious Experiences
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Religious Language
  • Miracles
  • Self, Death and Afterlife
  • Ethical Theories such as Natural Law, Situation Ethics and Virtue Theory with their application to issues of human life and death as well as use of animals.
  • Meta-Ethics
  • Free will and Moral Responsibility
  • Conscience
  • Comparison of Bentham and Kant
  • The study of Christianity which includes topics such as: God, Afterlife, Good conduct and moral principles, Gender and sexuality, Christianity and Science and the Challenge of secularisation.