English Literature

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A-Level English Literature

Exam Board: AQA (Specification A)


Course Content:

In Year 12 students study a range of literary texts focused on the theme of Love Through the Ages.  This will include a Shakespeare text (currently Othello), an anthology of pre-1900 love poetry and a novel (currently Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights).  Students will analyse the ways in which writers craft meaning and will consider texts in the light of their contexts and in terms of different critical interpretations.


In Year 13 students will study texts focused on World War 1 and its Aftermath.  This will include a Prose set text (currently Pat Barker's Regeneration), Wilfred Owen's War Poems and David Haig's play My Boy Jack.


There are two examinations: one on ‘Love Through the Ages’ and one on‘WW1 and its Aftermath’.   Students are asked to demonstrate the analytical and comparative skills developed throughout the course on the set texts and will also be asked to respond to unseen texts.  In addition to the examination based units, students will also complete a Non-Examination Assessment of a 2,500 word essay in which they compare and contrast two texts. 



This qualification is linear; students will sit all examinations at the end of their two-year course.


80% Examination    20% NEA (Non-examination assessment)


Career Opportunities:

Any career requiring analytical thought, sensitivity to meaning and the ability to present a logical, persuasive argument, e.g. Teaching, Law, Media and Communications.


Entry Requirements:

Grade 6 GCSE English Language and English Literature