Dress Code

Sixth Form dress is an important part of the School's image. As a public institution we need to project an image appropriate to the work we do and, as senior members of the School, the Sixth Form are an important part of that image. The respect that an institution earns from the public it serves is, in part, due to the appearance of its members. It is therefore in the students' own interests to adhere to acceptable standards of appearance because they will ultimately benefit by association with a respected establishment. In addition, it is important that the senior members of the School provide a positive role model for the lower school in terms of smart appropriate dress.

As the senior members of the school community, Sixth Formers do not need to wear formal uniform. However, as preparation for the workplace and as older role models in the school they are expected to adhere to the school’s dress code. School dress should be reasonable, decent, modest and practical. All Sixth Form students agree to the Dress Code as part of the Home School Agreement

Sixth Form Students are expected to adhere to:



Business Suit

Matching or Coordinated jacket. Jackets must be worn around school.


Formal style dress, skirt or trousers in a dark colour.


If choosing to wear a dress or skirt, they should be of an appropriate length.




A smart, collared shirt which should be tucked in. The shirt should be worn with an appropriate tie of choice; the tie must be worn up to the neck so that the top button cannot be seen.


A smart sleeved shirt, blouse or top which should not be low-fronted, low-backed, cropped, off-the-shoulder, strappy, transparent, or any similar unsuitable style. Underwear should not be visible.


Plain jumper (if worn in conjunction with a jacket). Sweater type jumpers are not permitted, particularly branded items


If worn should be plain, dark or neutral


Dark leather type shoes or boots. Doc Marten, Uggs or similar boot styles are not permitted.


Plain coloured hijabs are permitted but must not cover the face.


Should not be excessive. Facial piercings (including nose & tongue) visible tattoos and body piercings are not permitted. Stud ear-rings only.


Should be kept tidy with no extreme styles. Dyed hair must be within a natural colour range.


Denim is not permitted

ID - Badge

As part of Safeguarding, Sixth formers MUST wear their ID badge and school lanyard around their neck, clearly on display, at all times.


Decisions regarding whether an item of a student’s uniform is in line with the dress code will be made by the Sixth Form Office. If in any doubt, please keep all receipts and tags on items so that they can be returned if necessary. If a student’s uniform is not in line with the policy, they may be given a piece of school clothing for the day or sent home. Thank you in advance for your support.