Uniform & Dress Code

John Taylor High School is a ‘uniformed’ school. Therefore there is a clear expectation that pupils attending John Taylor High School will wear the full uniform, will wear it appropriately and that this expectation will be supported by parents. Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  • Engenders a feeling of community and belonging;
  • Is practical and smart;
  • Identifies the children with the school;
  • Is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be);
  • Makes pupils feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and financial  circumstances;
  • Is regarded as suitable and good value for money, by most parents.

The school holds stock of ‘nearly new’ uniform and we welcome enquiries if parents are interested. We also very much welcome the donation of any good, ‘nearly new’ uniform that your child may have outgrown.

If you are in any doubt about what is/is not permitted, please check with the school beforehand.