Students in Elite Sports Programme

At John Taylor High School we encourage our students to aspire to make the most of their talents. We recognise that in sport this may require them to spend some time each week based off-site. We also understand the potential effects this may have on many aspects of their schooling. With this in mind we try to run an objective and transparent process by which we will choose whether to support these programmes or not. This is applied on an individual basis.Permission from school will only be given after full discussion between Senior Leadership and your son or daughter’s House Learning Manager. Initially this will look at their timetable to see how many core subject lessons they would miss (Maths, English and Science). If this is deemed to be acceptable, the next stage will include analysis of their most recent school reports, with particular reference to the following key areas:

  • Attendance figures
  • Behaviour log analysis
  • Individual subject progress and attainment reports
  • Individual subject attitude to learning reports

If permission is given, then their ongoing involvement will be reviewed on a termly basis, again linked to analysis of the most recent school reports. It will be the above four criteria which will be used as a basis for this review. For students permitted to engage in full day release, it will be expected that part of their time off-site will be set aside for school work. They should plan this time appropriately with the sporting organisation’s Education Officer to ensure they stay up to date with all work missed. Where required, the school will ask for evidence of work produced at this time, or visit to observe activities undertaken.

If at any time it is felt that their participation in the scheme is negatively affecting their school life then there will be a set procedure to rectify this:

  • Parents and/or club meet at school with House Learning Manager and Senior Leader to address concerns and develop plan to maintain their involvement
  • Student involvement is temporarily suspended if stage 1 plan is unsuccessful. Reviewed again after the next term’s report analysis.
  • Student involvement is revoked if stage 2 is unsuccessful

It is our hope that all students who are this serious about their sport and have already displayed the commitment to get to this level will not have any issues keeping up with all aspects of their school life. Our intention is to support them in their goals, one of which must be to achieve suitable outcomes from their time with us.