Parent Teacher Association

We would like to introduce and welcome you to the John Taylor High School PTA. The PTA is a fundraising support for the school helping the various departments within the school obtain additional extras they would not normally be able to have. Some of the items the PTA have been able to provide in the last few years have included:

  • SEN Speech software
  • New lighting system for the Hall
  • Cameras for the Art Department
  • Maths Department I-Pod ‘Flip learning@ Pilot Tablet
  • Chefs Whites for the Catering Department
  • Funding for the introduction of a Reading Recovery Programme

However, this PTA is more than just a fundraising committee. The PTA is a forum which allows parents/carers to come along and listen to what is happening in the school. At each meeting Mr Donoghue or a member of the Senior Staff present a topic of interest that is happening at the School or in Education.

The topic for each coming meeting is listed in the Agenda and feedback and questions are invited. Past topics have included:

  • Changes to the Curriculum
  • New classrooms and developments in and around JTHS
  • Raising the Leaving Age for Compulsory Education
  • Establishing a Multi-academy Trust
  • 6th Form Dress Code

Every Parent/Carer is welcome to attend any meeting without any obligation to join a Committee or be involved in any form of fundraising. Parents can come along and listen to any topics of interest to them, suggest any future topics they would like more information on, and generally be involved and have a say in some of the decisions made by the school.

Meeting Dates

  • 8th January 2018

They start at 7pm and are held in the new Training Centre

50/50 Club

The John Taylor High School PTA help raise funds to buy the additional extras for the students and help enhance our children’s education and environment. One very easy way to help support and contribute to this is by joining the 50/50 Club. The 50/50 Club has now been running for over 17 years and is a simple concept of giving £1 a month and from this, 50p goes into the PTA funds and the remaining 50p goes into a prize fund. Each member is given a lucky number which is entered into each monthly prize draw and we currently award 3 prizes each month. The actual prize amounts are dependent on the number of members, the more members we have the larger the prize pot is. This year the 50/50 raised £1,544 and £772 was given out in prizes. Subscriptions are collected annually running from September to August, so just £12 a year helps support the School and PTA and you might just win a prize!

If you would like to join in please Please download, print, complete and return the form below and help us so we can help your child.

Useful Documents