SHEP – Year 8 Ambassadors for Health

x-SHEP.pngThis year we have become involved in the Staffordshire Health Education Project (SHEP) for the first time. The project provides opportunities for our Y8 pupils to become ambassadors to promote healthy lifestyles with a primary focus on the impact that smoking and drinking can have upon lifestyles.

The whole year group was involved in the initial launch of this programme, listening to the staff from Entrust deliver some key messages and explaining the process. The students themselves then answered a series of questions regarding leadership and nominated students who they felt would be good role models and who would be able to communicate effectively with their peers. The successful students were: Eden Collier, Alexandra Muirhead, Katie Moran, Bayley Niven, Amber Threlfall, Angelina Goodwin, Isabelle Evans, Isabel Dixon, Amy Wood, Lily Bolton, James Campion, Charlie Pearsall, Lawrence Wedgwood, Lucas Yeomans, Oliver Hadley, James Wynne-Raji, Saahil Iqbal, Anish Manek, Callum Richardson. Well done to each of them!

The students have since received two days of training and started their work in earnest. The training has involved work regarding leadership as well as becoming better informed on the effects that smoking and drinking can have upon health.

During the training, the students produced posters to warn about the impact of smoking and drinking alcohol. The best two posters, as voted by the leaders, are above.  In January we have planned to deliver the same opportunity to some of our Year 7s which we are very excited about. We wish all of our students involved in this project, continued success and hope that the messages they deliver are well received.


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Kingstone Korner

Merry Christmas Kingstoners! We aren’t far from the Christmas holidays and the end of our first term, which we hope has been a fantastic three months for all of you.

In the running up to the festive season, we launched a Christmas Advent Calendar Competition, a task set for all forms to work as a team in creating an advent calendar, with scoring based on creativity, festivity and functionality of the design. We are delighted to announce that K10’s “Ski Village” calendar won! Coming in second was K08’s Christmas tree design, and K03’s creative fairy lights came in 3rd place. Mr Fogarty’s elves will be on their way to fill the advent calendars with chocolates soon!

It is important to remember over the holidays that, while many of us are celebrating with our friends and family, eating Christmas dinner and opening presents, this isn’t the case for thousands of people across the country. Kingstone has worked with the other Houses recently to donate food to the homeless, who often find themselves alone and in the cold on Christmas Day. We filled hundreds of cardboard boxes with biscuits, tinned cans, cereals, pasta, drinks and much more (just over two cars full!) and donated them all to the YMCA. This is our bit to help those in need during the Christmas season.

We wish all of you the best of luck with your studies, particularly to students who have applied to university recently and those who have mock examinations soon. Have a wonderful Christmas and an even more fantastic New Year – see you all in January!

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Rosliston Bears

Another successful half term for Rosliston pupils and forms is coming to a close. However there is still lots of ongoing challenges that Rosliston pupils are responding to as individuals, forms and as a House before the end of term.

House Council: Rosliston House Council has continued to go from strength to strength in ensuring all members of the house has an opportunity to have their say about what matters to them. House Leaders and a representative voted by each form meet once a half term, with the main focus for us in Rosliston being how can we improve the clubs and activities that are offer to pupils. We have looked at the range of sporting and non sporting opportunities on offer and then have considered three main questions:

  • What are the current issues surrounding clubs and activities and how can these be addressed?
  • How can the school develop the clubs and activities that are on offer?
  • How can these be advertised widely to students to raise participation levels?

This are our ongoing challenge through the year and if you have any ideas we would love to hear from you, either directly or through your form representative.

Form Challenges:

As a House we are determined to enthuse and uplift everybody to be the best that they can be. We are aiming to achieve this through both individual and form challenges. In the last edition of JT News we shared the achievements of Rosliston bears over the summer and this time we are sharing form mascots. All Rosliston forms have been challenged to consider and nominate their own form hero. In an assembly House Leaders Alex Wakefield and Ross Perry shared their admiration for their heroes. Alex spoke of the influence of David Bowie on his life; recounting how it was only in the profound effect of Bowie’s death that made him appreciate how he had inspired him in so many different ways. Ross talked through how the leadership and strength of Margaret Thatcher had inspired him to work to be his best. This not only challenged pupils to consider who had had a massive effect on their lives but also demonstrated the diversity of ideas that inspire our pupils; how students who have completely contrasting values and ideas can both thrive and achieve in a House that embraces and celebrates personal individuality. Pupils are working to nominate their own hero and look to get in contact with them.

 Watch this space.

Christmas Challenge:

With Christmas approaching each form has been set a challenge of producing their own scene that relates to the 12 days of Christmas. With R01 creating the Partridge in the Pear Tree and Mrs Forden’s for R06 frantically cutting out geese feathers for their 6 geese-a-laying, we are very excited to celebrate the outcome at the first Rosliston celebration assembly at the end of term



LRC News

Delighted Year 7 pupils have received a wonderful gift from the John Taylor Charitable Trust.

For the past few years, they have generously supported the ‘Bookbuzz’ initiative from the national BookTrust charity, which provides children starting secondary school with the opportunity to choose a new book of their own.

This year, pupils could select their favourite title from these twelve established and highly recommended authors.

At John Taylor we encourage ALL pupils to maintain the reading habits established at primary school, and believe that spending time engaged in reading for pleasure should be a vital part of every child’s day.  We know that ‘success’ in life, be that achieving high academic standards, finding a rewarding job or enjoying good mental health, can be all be improved by reading.












All Year 7s should be familiar by now with the Accelerated Reader scheme.  This is simply where your child reads a book (from a wide selection appropriate to their abilities and interests) and then takes a quiz afterwards.  Please have a look at the Bookfinder website to see the enormous range of books available, and maybe get some Christmas present ideas! Other excellent sites for book-buying or book-borrowing inspiration are the Booktrust’s Bookfinder pages or the World Book Day website.   We know your support, encouragement and enthusiasm can make all the difference. Happy Christmas Reading!


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Be E-Safe

The impact of social media can be amazing – the promotion of events, the re-connection with friends from times past and the sharing of memories – are all fantastic ways of communicating. Unfortunately social media is not always used in such a positive way. This year there have been three occasions where there has been the inappropriate use of social media which has involved several students at John Taylor. We would like all of our parents to be aware of this so that you can support your child to use social media appropriately and avoid any future upset. Below is a summary of an assembly that has been delivered to each year.

What is social media? The collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. This implies a positive method to communicate with friends. However, this may not always be the case, highlighted by a clip shown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp5nScG6C5g

The Law:

Malicious Communications Act 1988: electronic communications which are indecent or grossly offensive, convey a threat or false information or demonstrate that there is an intention to cause distress or anxiety to the victim would be deemed to be criminal.

Communications Act 2003: electronic communications which are grossly offensive or indecent, obscene or menacing, or false, used again for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another could also be deemed to be criminal behaviour.

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PTA News

Chair – Emma Thompson (emthompson24@gmail.com)
Vice – Vacant
Secretary – Judy Tjon Soei Len (stevenandjudy@talktalk.net)
Treasurer – TBC
50/50 – Heather West

We have had a volunteer to be our new treasurer, however we still require a parent to be Vice Chair or events manager.  Please email Emma Thompson  if you require any information regarding this role.

 Our next fundraiser is the Quiz on 27th Jan 2017,get your teams of 4 together (see entry form on the back page)

Please be aware we have a parent to parent Facebook page; it is a closed group to parents at JTHS so please read about the Charitable Trust (www.jtct.org.uk),which relies on annual donation from parents; it’s a way of providing ongoing benefits to the school, ie the upkeep of the minibuses, providing reading books for the new Y7s etc. For those parents who are unable to support PTA events, the Charitable Trust is another way of helping  provide important extras for our children while at the school.

If any parent feels they can actively participate in the Charitable Trust please contact school.

This year our biggest donation to school was for £7,211 towards alterations to the school hall and we also paid for the author Tom Parker to visit our Y7 and Y8 children.

Please feel free to attend our meetings, which are held in the Training Centre, and where Mr Donoghue and at least one other member of staff attend informing us first-hand about new school initiatives and projects, eg the curriculum changes for Y9 and A levels. We also briefly discuss past and future events, but we hold separate planning meetings for events.

Future PTA dates (ALL WELCOME)

  • Mon 9th Jan 2017
  • Wed 8th March 2017
  • Tues 9th May 2017
  • Mon 3rd July 2017




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Sex, Lies and Nanotechnology!

x-NanoTech.pngOn 21st November, Professor Jon Preece, Head of the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, gave a lecture to a group of enthusiastic Science students from Y11-13, and members of the local community. The lecture dispelled some of the most common myths about current nanoscience and technology; everything from evil microrobots to health hazards associated with the use of nanoparticles. Professor Preece went on to uncover the truth about research’s most fascinating nano-breakthroughs, including a miniature nano motor, which is powered by light alone! Along with a variety of other nano machines, research into this incredible technology was recently awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Everyone present left the hall with a far better understanding of some of the most exciting science of this age, and it was brilliant to extend our knowledge of Chemistry far beyond the breadth of the school curriculum. We would like to thank Professor Jon Preece, the Royal Society of Chemistry and Mr Fogarty for organising this fantastically informative evening.


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Hello Charnwood House!

Charnwood 08 is in the lead for merits and so the merits trophy goes to them! They have quite a stranglehold over it, now holding it for the entire half term. Congratulations to them.

The House Leaders are hopefully going to introduce the form competition and charity activities for the Teenage Cancer Trust in the next assembly, but in the meantime forms are now busy getting festive with the Charnwood Winter Wreaths competition!

We’ve also found we have many superstars in our house. For example, Amelie Scroggs in C04 has been appointed ambassador for the Birmingham Royal Ballet and so we had a little chat:

Whx-Annie.pngat inspired you to become a ballet ambassador?

I particularly liked the look of the workshops which were being conducted in the show and was asked if I would like to become an ambassador, to which I agreed.

What age group will you be teaching?


What does the role of an ‘ambassador’ involve?

Fundraising and helping with workshop based programme. It’s a lot of team work and we go to a mentor, who works in shows, three days a week

How often do you go to Birmingham and do this?

I go religiously every week and then training is once a month.

Is this something you want to do in the future?

Yes, I would like to go into costume design in the future. I think it’s very creative.

So well done Amelie!

We look forward to bringing you more exciting news from Charnwood House and its amazing students next half term. Until then, have a wonderful festive period!


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50/50 Draw Results

1st      A Jones             26           £30.00
2nd      L Caldicott      147           £20.00
3rd      J Toomes          53           £13.50

1st      E Taylor              9           £30.00
2nd      T Qerimi         137           £20.00
3rd      C Watson        135           £13.50

1st      A Jones             92           £30.00
2nd      S Hunt            113           £20.00
3rd L Kirke 130 £13.50

Membership is slightly down on last year, falling from 87 to 78 members with a total of 127 numbers between them.  The total amount raised is £1,524 giving a £762 donation to the School with the remaining £762 to be used for the prize fund.  We have only had 16 new members this year but it’s not too late if you would like to join you can start your membership to run from December for £9 for the remainder of the academic year.  If you would like more details about this please contact Heather West directly via email at heatherawest@hotmail.com.

Thanks to all those who continue to support this.