How to access Go 4 Schools

The procedure for accessing Go 4 Schools follows the same basic pattern for students and parents.

Using GO 4 Schools, you will be able to view student progress online and access the following information at any time:

  • Real-time attainment information – marks and target grades for all subjects throughout the year.
  • Homework – Use of this module is currently being piloted for different groups in different subjects. Not all homework will appear in Go 4 Schools.
  • Attendance – Shown from the start of the academic year
  • Timetable – Student daily and weekly timetable
  • Progress Reports – Full written reports which are published 3 times a year
  • Behaviour information

Each student page is constantly updated, providing you with the latest information.

To access the site, please go to www.go4schools.com and click on the Parents or Students icon at the top of the main page to arrive at the log-in screen. The email address you use to enter the site must be the one we have registered in our database and students must use their school email.

To request a password for GO 4 Schools, please enter your email address into the First-time User field and click ‘Please send me a password’. A randomised password will then be generated and sent to your email address. You will then be able to log into the site and view the student page.


What you will see

This is a quick overview of current progress against target grades for each subject. A value of zero indicates that a student is on target, a negative value indicates below target and a positive value indicates above target. 

Homework    *Not used for all homework tasks
Any homework tasks that are due in the next 7 days will be shown in the ‘Ongoing and Recent Homework Tasks’ area. This area shows the date the homework task is due, the subject, the title of the task as well a guide of the amount of time the task will take and when it was set.

If you would like to see historic homework tasks, then you can click on the link to ‘View a Full List of Homework Tasks’.

Detailed Progress
This table shows the current levels in each subject. Updated marks will appear throughout the year. It shows the following grades:

Target Grade: The grade that we believe a student is capable of achieving at the end of each course. Set using CAT4 or Midyis data as well as teacher judgement.

Current Grade: The grade a student is currently achieving. It is a live grade calculated using ongoing teacher assessments as drawn from their markbook.

Projected Grade: The grade that each teacher currently believes a student is most likely to achieve at the end of each course. It is based on their current grade and an estimation of future progress linked to factors such as Attitude to Learning.

Attendance Data
This information is always shown up to the previous day. You will see attendance, absence and unauthorised absence information. Please note that to authorise absence for medical appointments parents need to call the school absence line and provide the school with a copy of medical evidence, such as the appointment card.

A summary of the timetable for the present day, plus a link to view their full timetable.

Behaviour Data
The first table shows the last 5 events recorded. Those highlighted green are positive points (merits) and those highlighted red are negative points (for behaviour incidents). To view a full history of the current academic year click on the ‘All events in…’ link. The charts beneath this section show behaviour over time; the bar chart shows the weekly scores; and, the line graph shows the cumulative scores for the year.

Progress Reports
This shows grades as they were captured by reports and compares them against current grades. You can access the report by clicking the ‘View report’ link. You can then also download and print copies of the reports which will be available for the whole of the year.

Reminder – Key Stage 3 Assessment
Just to remind you to familiarise yourself with the Key Stage 3 Assessment information which we sent home last term. A brief summary can be found below:

Student targets will be represented by one of three letters:

A: Should be Approaching the age related level of knowledge and understanding

S: Should be Secure in the age related level of knowledge and understanding

E: Should be Exceeding the age related level of knowledge and understanding

Students may also be assessed as ‘Beginning to show the age related level of knowledge and understanding’ (B).  A small number of students will demonstrate exceptional performance and may be graded as Outstanding (O).