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Practice and Procedures – Snow

It is our intention where possible to continue to open as normal during periods of inclement weather. We take our responsibilities to educate and care for young people seriously, and are aware of the impact on parents and carers if the school is closed at short notice.

However, careful assessment needs to be made about whether opening in snowy conditions is appropriate. There are several factors to consider. These include:

  • The severity of the weather at the time
  • The forecast and likelihood of an improvement or deterioration in the weather
  • The condition of the school site, and our ability to offer lessons as normal
  • Access to the school via local and regional roads for staff and pupils [Please note that significant numbers of pupils use local bus services, and as such the ability of the bus companies to offer a normal service is an important consideration]

We endeavour to provide parents with as much notice as we can. Our website ( is regularly updated during periods of poor weather. We also put notification about closure on our official Facebook page (“John Taylor High School Newsfeed”), on Twitter (@johntaylorhigh) and we send a text message to parents.

On days of potential difficulty due to snow, early inspection of the site is conducted and an initial decision is taken, dependent upon the above factors. Please note however this decision will be reviewed throughout the day as these factors are subject to change: the weather may deteriorate; the forecast may change; the ability of bus companies to operate may change or unforeseen other factors may impact on our ability to operate. Therefore we may be forced to close – even during the course of a school day. Again, we will always try to provide parents with as much notice as possible, and make every effort to ensure pupils and staff can leave the school and return home safely.

Sometimes these judgments are difficult. We appreciate your patience and understanding at these times.

J Twynham

Head of School



Important: Our Telephone Numbers Are Changing!

Why are our numbers changing?

Staffordshire County Council (SCC) have decided to withdraw their telephony service to schools at the end of the current contract due to the diminishing role the Local Authority has within schools and academies. Unfortunately the school has never owned its own numbers and due to technical reasons SCC cannot transfer our existing numbers to the Trust’s chosen provider, Entrust Education.

All schools within who subscribe to the current SCC telephony service are in the same position as John Taylor high School.

When are our numbers changing?

Our numbers are due to change on the 4th August 2017 . The actual migration process will begin at 4:30pm on the previous day  and will be completed before 9am on the 4th August 2017.

What are our new numbers?

We have decided to publish our two main numbers for parents. Please update our contact information as soon as possible on or after 4th August 2017:

  • Main School Number: 01283 247800
  • Student Absence Line: 01283 247858

What happens if I phone the old school numbers after we have migrated?

If you contact the old main school number (01283 239300) after we have migrated you will be prompted to redial our new number. We have taken the decision not to auto forward calls to our new number as this does not encourage parents, suppliers and other contacts to update their details.

If you contact any other number after the migration you will hear silence; no dial tone or no line busy tone.

Are there any cost savings associated with the new system?

Yes. Due to John Taylor’s unique position in the Trust (JTMAT) we have been able to secure discounts that will reduce our on-going telephony costs by approximately £2 per handset per month combined with a comprehensive call package.


John Taylor MAT successful in free school bid

John Taylor MAT successful in free school bid

12th April 2017

The Department for Education has announced this morning that John Taylor MAT has been successful in its application to run the new free school being constructed in Tatenhill. Opening in September 2018, the school will serve 11-18 year-olds in the locality, particularly the new housing developments in and around Branston Locks.
The £30 million construction, the first secondary school to be built in Staffordshire for almost twenty years, was one of 131 new free schools announced in this latest wave of applications. It is amongst one of the largest approved and, once at full capacity, will have approximately 1600 students on its roll.


Mike Donoghue, CEO John Taylor MAT

CEO of the Trust, Mike Donoghue expressed his delight upon hearing the news: “It is both an amazing opportunity, and a deeply humbling honour to be given the privilege to lead the new school and help shape its community. As what will be the newest addition to our family of schools, we are committed to giving our all to make its children academically successful and personally well-rounded – young people that their parents, and we, can be proud of. The first steps on that journey started some time ago with our vision for the new school, and our pace will now quicken with this approval of our plans. Our application team have worked tirelessly towards today, and this is a much-deserved reward for their efforts. The group now becomes the delivery team, and I’m incredibly fortunate to be working alongside them. We have a busy time ahead!”

Chair of John Taylor MAT, Gareth Moss added:  “We are delighted that the achievements demonstrated within our existing schools have been reflected with this prestigious appointment to run the new school in Tatenhill. Our proposal was based on providing the best possible education to this new school and we look forward to being an integral part of the new community. The Trust and staff are delighted with this success and we will make the School one that we can all be proud of.

This achievement would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all of the staff across the Trust and I would like to thank them for their determination to provide the best education possible for our pupils.”

The trust has been recording interest in the free school from prospective parents, prospective staff and the wider community via its website:

John Taylor Free School site


Y7 & Y8 girls indoor athletics competition

On the Thursday 24th November 16 Y7 and Y8 girls took part in an indoor athletics competition at Robert Sutton. There were a variety of schools taking part which made the competition very intense. Both Y7 and Y8 took part in various track and field events, but at different times. Both teams were doing well, but it was the final relay that decided the overall positions! Considering it was Y7s’ first time taking part in this event, they did extremely well, placing third overall, taking home some medals. Congratulations to Y8 who absolutely smashed it winning the event, bringing back some silverware, and qualifying for the next round. Well done to all the girls who took part.

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Sports Talent Inspiration Programme

picture7Each year a number of pupils are put forward, by the JTHS PE department, for the Staffordshire Sports Talent Inspiration Programme.  Last year Y9 pupil, and keen badminton player, Ethan Dalley was lucky enough to be selected and has since attended several events.  The events are intended to inspire young athletes, provide advice on fitness, psychology, nutrition, funding and much more.  The events so far have included meeting Craig Heap, Olympic gold medallist in gymnastics, a motivational talk, sports psychology, presenting awards, a fitness measuring day at Staffordshire University and an evening with Olympians Ian Marsden and Joe Clarke

picture6We asked Ethan what was his best experience on this Programme; “I feel really lucky to have been asked to participate; my best experience during this program was listening to the talk by Craig Heap on how to keep calm and focus when competing.  He said that he had worked with a coach called Steve Peters, who had written a book called the Chimp Paradox. This book was about when you play a sport and when you get annoyed or when you’re not focused that it’s not you playing your sport it’s another part of your brain and chimps also have this part of the brain giving the book it’s title.  When I got back home I decided to buy the audio book.  This book has helped me enormously in understanding the psychology of competitive sport”


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Success in Maths

We started off this academic year with a focus on sixth form enrichment….

On Tuesday 11th October some of our female mathematicians took part in the UKMT Girls Olympiad.  This was a two and a half hour test that consisted of five questions.  They all had a good attempt at the questions and it was great to see them having a go.  This is a great chance for them to see some very challenging questions that do not rely on being taught anything above what they have already learnt but rather the ability to apply their Mathematical skills.  Well done to Amy Wilkinson, Hannah Jenkinson and Emma Swift of Y13 and well done to Lauren Harrington, Cathryn Dunicliff and Sama Chaudhary of Y12.

Our next event was the Senior Maths UKMT individual challenge.  This year there were entrants from 2,000+ schools across the country.  29 students from John Taylor took part in the challenge and of those 25 managed to score high enough to get a certificate.  Certificates are given out to the top 60% of entrants.  Well done to everyone who took part.  Special congratulations to the four students who went to represent the school at the TEAM Challenge.  Well done, Amy Wilkinson, Hannah Jenkinson, Lauren Harrington and Soran Nokes.


Gold Certificates

  • Harry Stuart (Y11)
  • Hannah Jenkinson (Y13)
  • (BEST IN YEAR13)

Silver Certificates

  • Soran Nokes (Y12)
  • (BEST IN YEAR 12)
  • Amy Wilkinson (Y13)
  • Ryan Dingle (Y3)
  • Emma Swift (Y13)
  • Edward Martin (Y13)
  • Lauren Harrington (Y12)
  • John Crockett (Y13)
  • Kieran Mylrea (Y13)
  • Henry Stubbs (Y11)
  • Samuel Jackson (Y12)
  • James Kirke (Y13)

Bronze Certificates

  • Joel Yates (Y13)
  • James Ruttley (Y12)
  • Anna Franklin (Y11)
  • Rowan Senior (Y13)
  • Ben Gilmore (Y11)
  • Amelia Beresford (Y11)
  • James Haslam (Y12)
  • William Gray (Y13)
  • Paul Moughtin-Leay (Y12)
  • Niamh Webb (Y11)
  • Joseph Todd (Y13)
  • Katie Burbridge (Y13)



SHEP – Year 8 Ambassadors for Health

x-SHEP.pngThis year we have become involved in the Staffordshire Health Education Project (SHEP) for the first time. The project provides opportunities for our Y8 pupils to become ambassadors to promote healthy lifestyles with a primary focus on the impact that smoking and drinking can have upon lifestyles.

The whole year group was involved in the initial launch of this programme, listening to the staff from Entrust deliver some key messages and explaining the process. The students themselves then answered a series of questions regarding leadership and nominated students who they felt would be good role models and who would be able to communicate effectively with their peers. The successful students were: Eden Collier, Alexandra Muirhead, Katie Moran, Bayley Niven, Amber Threlfall, Angelina Goodwin, Isabelle Evans, Isabel Dixon, Amy Wood, Lily Bolton, James Campion, Charlie Pearsall, Lawrence Wedgwood, Lucas Yeomans, Oliver Hadley, James Wynne-Raji, Saahil Iqbal, Anish Manek, Callum Richardson. Well done to each of them!

The students have since received two days of training and started their work in earnest. The training has involved work regarding leadership as well as becoming better informed on the effects that smoking and drinking can have upon health.

During the training, the students produced posters to warn about the impact of smoking and drinking alcohol. The best two posters, as voted by the leaders, are above.  In January we have planned to deliver the same opportunity to some of our Year 7s which we are very excited about. We wish all of our students involved in this project, continued success and hope that the messages they deliver are well received.


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Kingstone Korner

Merry Christmas Kingstoners! We aren’t far from the Christmas holidays and the end of our first term, which we hope has been a fantastic three months for all of you.

In the running up to the festive season, we launched a Christmas Advent Calendar Competition, a task set for all forms to work as a team in creating an advent calendar, with scoring based on creativity, festivity and functionality of the design. We are delighted to announce that K10’s “Ski Village” calendar won! Coming in second was K08’s Christmas tree design, and K03’s creative fairy lights came in 3rd place. Mr Fogarty’s elves will be on their way to fill the advent calendars with chocolates soon!

It is important to remember over the holidays that, while many of us are celebrating with our friends and family, eating Christmas dinner and opening presents, this isn’t the case for thousands of people across the country. Kingstone has worked with the other Houses recently to donate food to the homeless, who often find themselves alone and in the cold on Christmas Day. We filled hundreds of cardboard boxes with biscuits, tinned cans, cereals, pasta, drinks and much more (just over two cars full!) and donated them all to the YMCA. This is our bit to help those in need during the Christmas season.

We wish all of you the best of luck with your studies, particularly to students who have applied to university recently and those who have mock examinations soon. Have a wonderful Christmas and an even more fantastic New Year – see you all in January!

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Rosliston Bears

Another successful half term for Rosliston pupils and forms is coming to a close. However there is still lots of ongoing challenges that Rosliston pupils are responding to as individuals, forms and as a House before the end of term.

House Council: Rosliston House Council has continued to go from strength to strength in ensuring all members of the house has an opportunity to have their say about what matters to them. House Leaders and a representative voted by each form meet once a half term, with the main focus for us in Rosliston being how can we improve the clubs and activities that are offer to pupils. We have looked at the range of sporting and non sporting opportunities on offer and then have considered three main questions:

  • What are the current issues surrounding clubs and activities and how can these be addressed?
  • How can the school develop the clubs and activities that are on offer?
  • How can these be advertised widely to students to raise participation levels?

This are our ongoing challenge through the year and if you have any ideas we would love to hear from you, either directly or through your form representative.

Form Challenges:

As a House we are determined to enthuse and uplift everybody to be the best that they can be. We are aiming to achieve this through both individual and form challenges. In the last edition of JT News we shared the achievements of Rosliston bears over the summer and this time we are sharing form mascots. All Rosliston forms have been challenged to consider and nominate their own form hero. In an assembly House Leaders Alex Wakefield and Ross Perry shared their admiration for their heroes. Alex spoke of the influence of David Bowie on his life; recounting how it was only in the profound effect of Bowie’s death that made him appreciate how he had inspired him in so many different ways. Ross talked through how the leadership and strength of Margaret Thatcher had inspired him to work to be his best. This not only challenged pupils to consider who had had a massive effect on their lives but also demonstrated the diversity of ideas that inspire our pupils; how students who have completely contrasting values and ideas can both thrive and achieve in a House that embraces and celebrates personal individuality. Pupils are working to nominate their own hero and look to get in contact with them.

 Watch this space.

Christmas Challenge:

With Christmas approaching each form has been set a challenge of producing their own scene that relates to the 12 days of Christmas. With R01 creating the Partridge in the Pear Tree and Mrs Forden’s for R06 frantically cutting out geese feathers for their 6 geese-a-laying, we are very excited to celebrate the outcome at the first Rosliston celebration assembly at the end of term



LRC News

Delighted Year 7 pupils have received a wonderful gift from the John Taylor Charitable Trust.

For the past few years, they have generously supported the ‘Bookbuzz’ initiative from the national BookTrust charity, which provides children starting secondary school with the opportunity to choose a new book of their own.

This year, pupils could select their favourite title from these twelve established and highly recommended authors.

At John Taylor we encourage ALL pupils to maintain the reading habits established at primary school, and believe that spending time engaged in reading for pleasure should be a vital part of every child’s day.  We know that ‘success’ in life, be that achieving high academic standards, finding a rewarding job or enjoying good mental health, can be all be improved by reading.












All Year 7s should be familiar by now with the Accelerated Reader scheme.  This is simply where your child reads a book (from a wide selection appropriate to their abilities and interests) and then takes a quiz afterwards.  Please have a look at the Bookfinder website to see the enormous range of books available, and maybe get some Christmas present ideas! Other excellent sites for book-buying or book-borrowing inspiration are the Booktrust’s Bookfinder pages or the World Book Day website.   We know your support, encouragement and enthusiasm can make all the difference. Happy Christmas Reading!