Attendance Information

Please Note: This is a dummy page and does not reflect actual attendance data at John Taylor High School.

This page details the attendance information for the school including the school attendance action plan, attendance data, attendance home information and incentives.

Whole School attendance

Our attendance is beginning to show some improvement:Attendances in school for 2016/17 have been as follows:

Period of Return % attendance
Sept 16 – July 17 94.6%
OVERALL (excluding R codes) 95.2%
OVERALL (excluding just family holidays) 95.9%
OVERALL (excluding R and U codes) 97.3%
Half Term attendance averages Attendance Key
Autumn 1 = 96% 96 – 100% Well done
91 – 95% Risk of underachievement
85 – 90% Serious risk of underachievement
Below 85% serious cause for concern and underachievement. Fasttrack by Local Authority
Autumn 2 = 95.2%
Spring 1 = 93.5%
Spring 2 = 96%
Summer 1= 96%
Summer 2 = 93.7%
Overall (to date)=94.6%
Overall (minus religious observance) = 95.2%
Overall (minus religious observance and unauthorised family holidays) = 96%

John Taylor High School needs to meet the target of 96.2% which is the national average. We can only do this if parents support us fully and if we all understand the importance of NOT taking term time holidays or absences from school.

Thank you to those parents who are helping us raise our attendance levels, which helps our children to get the most out of their educational experience.

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