John Taylor High School is celebrating the achievements of their year 11 pupils after receiving excellent results for their GCSE and BTEC courses. There has been a rise of almost 6% of grades attained at the two highest grades awarded compared with 2017 results. Almost a third of the results recorded by pupils at the school were at the new 9 to 7 grades (including A* or A for GCSE qualifications and D* or D for the BETC qualifications).

Under government reforms, GCSE grades for the majority of subjects are now awarded on a scale from U, being the lowest, to 9, being the highest. At John Taylor, 122 grade 9’s, 199 grade 8’s and 286 grade 7’s were achieved by the pupils. This represents a phenomenal return on the efforts of both the pupils and staff throughout the duration of the courses.
The school’s analysis indicates that, yet again, John Taylor have again significantly exceeded national expectations for progress. This shows that our young people do better by attending John Taylor High School than if they went elsewhere.
Many pupils gained outstanding results. Particularly noteworthy in this context are Benjamin Revill, Abigail Ramsey, Kate Silcock and Cara Williams all of who gained at least ten GCSEs at grade A*,8 or 9. Mai Mulvey, Oliver Turner, Jacob Catterall, Benjamin Fossett, Samuel Ehlen, Hannah Williams, Isobel Gurr and Osla Campbell gained at least eight GCSEs at these top grades.

Progress has been a key focus this year and has been exemplified by the terrific performance of pupils such as Jack Ashely who far exceeded his end of your targets. His story is not atypical at the school.
Jack said, upon opening his results, “It was a bit of a shock and surprise but a really nice feeling after all the hard work and persistence to achieve the grades I did.”

Interim Head of School, James Twynham is very proud of the achievements of the pupils this year.

Mr Twynham said: “We are really delighted with the results that the pupils have achieved this year. Like all schools, pupils and staff have had to step up to the challenge of the more rigorous and demanding qualifications that have been set by the exam boards. We are particularly proud of how well the school meets the needs of the most-able students and it is brilliant that the school continues to be seen as a high performing school.
“This is based on the simple but effective formula of high quality courses, taught well by expert staff, to hard-working students supported effectively by their families and our community.
“It is clear from these results that pupils can thrive in the learning environment that staff cultivate at John Taylor High School. We are matching pupils to the correct courses whilst retaining a broad and balanced curriculum that opens doors for the next stage in their lives. We are looking forward to continuing those relationships with the pupils who join us into our successful 6th Form. For all the pupils, however, I would like to congratulate them on their success and wish them the very best for their futures.”

Posted by J Twynham