Dear Parent

You may already have heard about a road traffic accident which involved some of our Year 9 and Year 12 students.  Unfortunately we have been told the tragic news that this has resulted in the fatality of one our Year 9 pupils.  Your child, who has brought this letter home today, has been told about this and they may well be very upset by this sad event. We therefore felt it was important you know what has happened and what we are are doing in school to support your child. Enclosed is a leaflet to help you to understand some of the possible effects, thoughts, and feelings that your child may experience.

In school, pupils will be able to talk to their teachers or other staff about their feelings.

Our thoughts, at this every tragic and sad time, are with the family, their friends and the pupils and staff involved.  I am sure that you will join everyone at John Taylor High School in supporting our community in every way you can.

Yours sincerely

M Donoghue


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<<Click Here for a copy of the advice leaflet>>

Posted by A Duncan