We started off this academic year with a focus on sixth form enrichment….

On Tuesday 11th October some of our female mathematicians took part in the UKMT Girls Olympiad.  This was a two and a half hour test that consisted of five questions.  They all had a good attempt at the questions and it was great to see them having a go.  This is a great chance for them to see some very challenging questions that do not rely on being taught anything above what they have already learnt but rather the ability to apply their Mathematical skills.  Well done to Amy Wilkinson, Hannah Jenkinson and Emma Swift of Y13 and well done to Lauren Harrington, Cathryn Dunicliff and Sama Chaudhary of Y12.

Our next event was the Senior Maths UKMT individual challenge.  This year there were entrants from 2,000+ schools across the country.  29 students from John Taylor took part in the challenge and of those 25 managed to score high enough to get a certificate.  Certificates are given out to the top 60% of entrants.  Well done to everyone who took part.  Special congratulations to the four students who went to represent the school at the TEAM Challenge.  Well done, Amy Wilkinson, Hannah Jenkinson, Lauren Harrington and Soran Nokes.


Gold Certificates

  • Harry Stuart (Y11)
  • Hannah Jenkinson (Y13)
  • (BEST IN YEAR13)

Silver Certificates

  • Soran Nokes (Y12)
  • (BEST IN YEAR 12)
  • Amy Wilkinson (Y13)
  • Ryan Dingle (Y3)
  • Emma Swift (Y13)
  • Edward Martin (Y13)
  • Lauren Harrington (Y12)
  • John Crockett (Y13)
  • Kieran Mylrea (Y13)
  • Henry Stubbs (Y11)
  • Samuel Jackson (Y12)
  • James Kirke (Y13)

Bronze Certificates

  • Joel Yates (Y13)
  • James Ruttley (Y12)
  • Anna Franklin (Y11)
  • Rowan Senior (Y13)
  • Ben Gilmore (Y11)
  • Amelia Beresford (Y11)
  • James Haslam (Y12)
  • William Gray (Y13)
  • Paul Moughtin-Leay (Y12)
  • Niamh Webb (Y11)
  • Joseph Todd (Y13)
  • Katie Burbridge (Y13)


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