x-SHEP.pngThis year we have become involved in the Staffordshire Health Education Project (SHEP) for the first time. The project provides opportunities for our Y8 pupils to become ambassadors to promote healthy lifestyles with a primary focus on the impact that smoking and drinking can have upon lifestyles.

The whole year group was involved in the initial launch of this programme, listening to the staff from Entrust deliver some key messages and explaining the process. The students themselves then answered a series of questions regarding leadership and nominated students who they felt would be good role models and who would be able to communicate effectively with their peers. The successful students were: Eden Collier, Alexandra Muirhead, Katie Moran, Bayley Niven, Amber Threlfall, Angelina Goodwin, Isabelle Evans, Isabel Dixon, Amy Wood, Lily Bolton, James Campion, Charlie Pearsall, Lawrence Wedgwood, Lucas Yeomans, Oliver Hadley, James Wynne-Raji, Saahil Iqbal, Anish Manek, Callum Richardson. Well done to each of them!

The students have since received two days of training and started their work in earnest. The training has involved work regarding leadership as well as becoming better informed on the effects that smoking and drinking can have upon health.

During the training, the students produced posters to warn about the impact of smoking and drinking alcohol. The best two posters, as voted by the leaders, are above.  In January we have planned to deliver the same opportunity to some of our Year 7s which we are very excited about. We wish all of our students involved in this project, continued success and hope that the messages they deliver are well received.


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