x-NanoTech.pngOn 21st November, Professor Jon Preece, Head of the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, gave a lecture to a group of enthusiastic Science students from Y11-13, and members of the local community. The lecture dispelled some of the most common myths about current nanoscience and technology; everything from evil microrobots to health hazards associated with the use of nanoparticles. Professor Preece went on to uncover the truth about research’s most fascinating nano-breakthroughs, including a miniature nano motor, which is powered by light alone! Along with a variety of other nano machines, research into this incredible technology was recently awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Everyone present left the hall with a far better understanding of some of the most exciting science of this age, and it was brilliant to extend our knowledge of Chemistry far beyond the breadth of the school curriculum. We would like to thank Professor Jon Preece, the Royal Society of Chemistry and Mr Fogarty for organising this fantastically informative evening.


Posted by JTMAT