Another successful half term for Rosliston pupils and forms is coming to a close. However there is still lots of ongoing challenges that Rosliston pupils are responding to as individuals, forms and as a House before the end of term.

House Council: Rosliston House Council has continued to go from strength to strength in ensuring all members of the house has an opportunity to have their say about what matters to them. House Leaders and a representative voted by each form meet once a half term, with the main focus for us in Rosliston being how can we improve the clubs and activities that are offer to pupils. We have looked at the range of sporting and non sporting opportunities on offer and then have considered three main questions:

  • What are the current issues surrounding clubs and activities and how can these be addressed?
  • How can the school develop the clubs and activities that are on offer?
  • How can these be advertised widely to students to raise participation levels?

This are our ongoing challenge through the year and if you have any ideas we would love to hear from you, either directly or through your form representative.

Form Challenges:

As a House we are determined to enthuse and uplift everybody to be the best that they can be. We are aiming to achieve this through both individual and form challenges. In the last edition of JT News we shared the achievements of Rosliston bears over the summer and this time we are sharing form mascots. All Rosliston forms have been challenged to consider and nominate their own form hero. In an assembly House Leaders Alex Wakefield and Ross Perry shared their admiration for their heroes. Alex spoke of the influence of David Bowie on his life; recounting how it was only in the profound effect of Bowie’s death that made him appreciate how he had inspired him in so many different ways. Ross talked through how the leadership and strength of Margaret Thatcher had inspired him to work to be his best. This not only challenged pupils to consider who had had a massive effect on their lives but also demonstrated the diversity of ideas that inspire our pupils; how students who have completely contrasting values and ideas can both thrive and achieve in a House that embraces and celebrates personal individuality. Pupils are working to nominate their own hero and look to get in contact with them.

 Watch this space.

Christmas Challenge:

With Christmas approaching each form has been set a challenge of producing their own scene that relates to the 12 days of Christmas. With R01 creating the Partridge in the Pear Tree and Mrs Forden’s for R06 frantically cutting out geese feathers for their 6 geese-a-laying, we are very excited to celebrate the outcome at the first Rosliston celebration assembly at the end of term


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