Chair – Emma Thompson (
Vice – Vacant
Secretary – Judy Tjon Soei Len (
Treasurer – TBC
50/50 – Heather West

We have had a volunteer to be our new treasurer, however we still require a parent to be Vice Chair or events manager.  Please email Emma Thompson  if you require any information regarding this role.

 Our next fundraiser is the Quiz on 27th Jan 2017,get your teams of 4 together (see entry form on the back page)

Please be aware we have a parent to parent Facebook page; it is a closed group to parents at JTHS so please read about the Charitable Trust (,which relies on annual donation from parents; it’s a way of providing ongoing benefits to the school, ie the upkeep of the minibuses, providing reading books for the new Y7s etc. For those parents who are unable to support PTA events, the Charitable Trust is another way of helping  provide important extras for our children while at the school.

If any parent feels they can actively participate in the Charitable Trust please contact school.

This year our biggest donation to school was for £7,211 towards alterations to the school hall and we also paid for the author Tom Parker to visit our Y7 and Y8 children.

Please feel free to attend our meetings, which are held in the Training Centre, and where Mr Donoghue and at least one other member of staff attend informing us first-hand about new school initiatives and projects, eg the curriculum changes for Y9 and A levels. We also briefly discuss past and future events, but we hold separate planning meetings for events.

Future PTA dates (ALL WELCOME)

  • Mon 9th Jan 2017
  • Wed 8th March 2017
  • Tues 9th May 2017
  • Mon 3rd July 2017




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