Merry Christmas Kingstoners! We aren’t far from the Christmas holidays and the end of our first term, which we hope has been a fantastic three months for all of you.

In the running up to the festive season, we launched a Christmas Advent Calendar Competition, a task set for all forms to work as a team in creating an advent calendar, with scoring based on creativity, festivity and functionality of the design. We are delighted to announce that K10’s “Ski Village” calendar won! Coming in second was K08’s Christmas tree design, and K03’s creative fairy lights came in 3rd place. Mr Fogarty’s elves will be on their way to fill the advent calendars with chocolates soon!

It is important to remember over the holidays that, while many of us are celebrating with our friends and family, eating Christmas dinner and opening presents, this isn’t the case for thousands of people across the country. Kingstone has worked with the other Houses recently to donate food to the homeless, who often find themselves alone and in the cold on Christmas Day. We filled hundreds of cardboard boxes with biscuits, tinned cans, cereals, pasta, drinks and much more (just over two cars full!) and donated them all to the YMCA. This is our bit to help those in need during the Christmas season.

We wish all of you the best of luck with your studies, particularly to students who have applied to university recently and those who have mock examinations soon. Have a wonderful Christmas and an even more fantastic New Year – see you all in January!

Posted by JTMAT