Charnwood 08 is in the lead for merits and so the merits trophy goes to them! They have quite a stranglehold over it, now holding it for the entire half term. Congratulations to them.

The House Leaders are hopefully going to introduce the form competition and charity activities for the Teenage Cancer Trust in the next assembly, but in the meantime forms are now busy getting festive with the Charnwood Winter Wreaths competition!

We’ve also found we have many superstars in our house. For example, Amelie Scroggs in C04 has been appointed ambassador for the Birmingham Royal Ballet and so we had a little chat:

Whx-Annie.pngat inspired you to become a ballet ambassador?

I particularly liked the look of the workshops which were being conducted in the show and was asked if I would like to become an ambassador, to which I agreed.

What age group will you be teaching?


What does the role of an ‘ambassador’ involve?

Fundraising and helping with workshop based programme. It’s a lot of team work and we go to a mentor, who works in shows, three days a week

How often do you go to Birmingham and do this?

I go religiously every week and then training is once a month.

Is this something you want to do in the future?

Yes, I would like to go into costume design in the future. I think it’s very creative.

So well done Amelie!

We look forward to bringing you more exciting news from Charnwood House and its amazing students next half term. Until then, have a wonderful festive period!


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