1st      A Jones             26           £30.00
2nd      L Caldicott      147           £20.00
3rd      J Toomes          53           £13.50

1st      E Taylor              9           £30.00
2nd      T Qerimi         137           £20.00
3rd      C Watson        135           £13.50

1st      A Jones             92           £30.00
2nd      S Hunt            113           £20.00
3rd L Kirke 130 £13.50

Membership is slightly down on last year, falling from 87 to 78 members with a total of 127 numbers between them.  The total amount raised is £1,524 giving a £762 donation to the School with the remaining £762 to be used for the prize fund.  We have only had 16 new members this year but it’s not too late if you would like to join you can start your membership to run from December for £9 for the remainder of the academic year.  If you would like more details about this please contact Heather West directly via email at

Thanks to all those who continue to support this.

Posted by JTMAT