On 27th June 2016, a group of Year 12 students interested in applying to Oxford or Cambridge visited Hertford College, former stomping ground of Mr Sears. After enduring a rather long ride down to Oxford, we successfully (and safely) arrived at Hertford College. We were warmly welcomed into the college by a friendly admissions tutor, before experiencing a mock tutorial. Much to the disgust of most of the science-orientated group, the tutorial subject of choice was English. We were right to be ‘horrified’, as the tutorial involved us analysing and comparing the various drafts of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel, ‘Frankenstein’. Despite some of our reservations, the tutorial actually proved to be a very fun experience, and a great insight into the type of probing questions we might be faced with in an Oxford or Cambridge admissions interview.

After our mock tutorial/interview experience, up next was lunch in the rather grandiose dining hall. Even the pickiest eater amongst us managed to find something to his tastes! After lunch, we had the chance to do a Q&A session with an admissions tutor and a few students from the college. We were also given a tour around the college facilities, including the library, a professor’s tutorial room and the student accommodation. This gave us a taste of life at Oxford and was generally very interesting and informative.

Before departing, we were given some time to explore Oxford’s tourist attractions, although the majority of us seemed to spend most of our free time in G&D’s ice cream parlour (food > heritage). Soon it was time to leave, and the karaoke on the minibus ride home proved that, even if we weren’t Oxbridge worthy, we were all definitely X Factor worth. The group e
ven made a controversial decision not to stop at McDonald’s on the way home, meaning we arrived back earlier than expected.

Overall we had a fantastic day and would like to thank Mr Sears and Mr Twynham for organising the trip.x-y12oxfordvisit

Posted by JTMAT