In Rosliston we pride ourselves on being high achievers, and we also take pride in celebrating and sharing our achievements with others. This brief, and hopefully inspiring, article is going to do just that. We are going to share the fantastic achievements of Rosliston with the desire to enthuse and uplift all students of John Taylor, inspiring them to achieve further and subsequently fulfil Rosliston’s chief mission: encouraging everybody to be the best that they can be.

As we went round the numerous Rosliston form rooms we were amazed by the variety and sheer vastness of the achievements that the many students of Rosliston had to share. From sporting victories to raising money for charity, Rosliston’s members have certainly succeeded in making us feel proud of being Rosliston bears alongside you! Here is a summary of the many amazing feats that were shared:

Very well done to the following:

  • Liam Bryan, R03, is the captain of Elford Jets Football club and has won two matches this season. Fantastic! Keep up the good sportsmanship!
  • Harry Keeling, R03, won the Newhall tournament in August playing the position of goalkeeper. Excellent! Football is a favourite amongst Rosliston so very well done.
  • Abigail Birks, R03, won a medal for completing a 3K run for Dementia UK. She raised £220! Truly amazing. Helping others is a key mission of Rosliston so be proud.
  • Isabella Birch, R03, came 5th place in a butterfly swimming tournament against 30 other girls! Brilliant! Well-deserved as well I can imagine.
  • Isabel Dixon, RO5, has been accepted into the Royal Ballet production of Cinderella’s dreams. Being on stage is hard, so congratulations and well done.
  • Sam Tjon Soei Len R01, Jack Sullivan and Ed Warneken (both R08) finished their bronze Duke of Edinburgh. Great effort boys!
  • Ben Sawbridge participated in County Cross Country.
  • Toby Bedford R04 achieved his Grade 2 Piano
  • Ewan Leadbeater R06 went to Twickenham for an interview to be a member of the English Rugby Union Council. He was the youngest person there and went on a stadium tour afterwards.
  • Olivia Harrison R06 competed in a national dressage competition at Sheepgate Equestrian Centre. 7th and 8th, respectively, in two classes. Brilliant, well done!
  • Millie Walker-Mousley R06 recently went on a Sea Cadets weekend event and completed her supervised coxswain qualification. Fantastic achievement Millie!
  • Imogen Hunt R07 performed at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 25th September with her stage group as part of a national event. Amazing experience Imogen!


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