We welcome back our Y12 students into Y13 after achieving some fantastic results in their AS exams this summer. In recognition of the importance of this final year and to help prepare our students become independent, we have offered them the opportunity to allocate blocks of time to study off-site. This is a privilege which will be revoked if there is any indication of a deterioration of their attendance, progress or attitude towards their learning. We would welcome your support in encouraging students to remain focussed on their studies when they are not in school. Students should not be using this time to complete leisure activities or paid work. If you have any concerns about your son/daughter studying off site during the school day, please do not hesitate to contact the Sixth Form team at sixthform@jths.co.uk

Applications to University, Higher Apprenticeships and Employment

In preparation for the next stage of their life, Y13 are busy preparing their applications to university, Higher Apprenticeships and employment. The deadline for early applications to university is the 15th October and all students should aim to have sent their application before October half term. When supporting your son/daughter with their choices there are a number of resources you can use. The school subscribe to Heap online. This resource is intended as a starting point for research into university degree courses available to students, depending on their predicted (or actual) UCAS Tariff points. Login details have been e-mailed to all students.

www.ucas.com is the website students use to apply to university. Again, students are able to search for all courses and research typical entry requirements. It is essential that students are realistic about how successful they will be when applying for certain courses. They are advised to apply for courses where a typical offer is similar to their predicted grades, which can be found on their most recent report (on the Vault).

We recognise that not all students will choose to continue their studies at university. Students are advised to use the website www.notgoingtouni.co.uk to explore a wide range of opportunities for life after sixth form. These include apprenticeships, employment, gap years, work experience, sponsored degrees, distance learning and professional qualifications.  This website is extremely informative and connects students with a range of opportunities.

For students who know that they want to complete an apprenticeship the website https://www.getingofar.gov.uk/ has been provided by the Government to provide information about apprenticeships and who they are suitable for.

UCAS offers and new UCAS tariff points

UCAS tariff points are used by some universities (around a third) when making conditional offers. Instead of asking for grades (e.g. BBC), a university may express the offer as 112 points. However, not all universities use tariff points. The more traditional universities are more likely to make an offer stipulating grades and not points. Also, universities may not, for example, consider BBB at A level to be the same as ABC at A level.

To help understand how many points a qualification is worth, UCAS has a ‘Tariff calculator’ that you can use. A link to this has been e-mailed to all Year 13 students, alternatively it is easy to find using any search engine.

Although tariff points can be accumulated in different ways, not all points will necessarily be acceptable for entry to a particular course. The achievement of a points score, therefore, does not give an automatic entitlement to entry and many other factors are taken into account in the admissions process.


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