by Keely Bamber Y13

I decided to take part in the World Challenge expedition to Thailand and Cambodia for a month because I wanted to experience a different part of the world without the assistance of my parents. I also wanted to become more responsible, making vital decisions for myself and the team whilst making new friendships.

I cannot decide what the best part of the trip was for me because I had so many great experiences. The project phase was at a school set up by a non-profit organisation: ‘Home of Faith, Hope, Love’ created to improve education in the local area of Kampong Speu, Cambodia. For me teaching and chatting with the kids had to be a highlight; their English was amazing! Another unforgettable part was visiting one of the seven wonders of the world, watching the sunrise over the temples and as for Angkor Wat Temple, the views were stunning with the most breathtaking scenery. Perhaps my favourite part was the new variety of cuisine available to us – although I think we were all fed up of rice and noodles by the end!!

I would say the hardest parts of the trip were being away from my family and friends for so long. Another thing was initially the heat seemed unbearable making every day quite uncomfortable, however after those first few days we soon acclimatised. I’d highly recommend going on a World Challenge expedition. It teaches you so many different skills that are life-changing and you create friendships with different and unexpected people along the way.


Posted by JTMAT