by Lucy Boland and Daniel Ingles

After winning our regional heat of the ICAEW Business Game in Nottingham we competed against 47 other teams from all around the country, coming from as far afield as Jersey and Northern Ireland, to meet in Birmingham to face a new business challenge. This time we faced not a business scenario, but one based around a charity, not something we would commonly encounter in the classroom.

Representing JTHS we acted as accountants for Charity Consult, advising Action for Community Youth, which worked with underprivileged young people in the UK and Africa. We received several tasks, starting with identifying the charity’s strengths and weaknesses and based on these selected a strategy to raise further funds and decided whether or not to bid for government funding.

Ethical issues were more important than in previous case studies, which were all for-profit organisations, so such considerations had to be at the front of our mind for all decisions. For example, we chose not to work with a telemarketing company, because everybody knows how irritating those phone calls can be just as you’re sitting down to have dinner.

After an intense few hours and a working lunch we were ready to present our recommendations to the judges, who happened to be experts in the not-for-profit sector. Once we had finished our eight-minute presentation and had feedback from our mentor, we took a much needed power nap and then got ready for the evening.

We all met downstairs for the reception and dinner, with girls balancing on some rather high heels and boys in much more practical footwear.

Following a delicious meal we were delighted to be awarded a Highly Commended prize, for the second year in a row, putting us in the top 1% of over 500 teams from across the country. Overall it was an incredible experience, and a great opportunity to develop our business skills outside the classroom and we will be able to put our highly developed skills to good use in industry and at university.


Posted by JTMAT