It seems futile to address the issue of what Rosliston House is after only one half-term. It is simply too early to say. For the time being it would be very easy, of course, to offer a standard, platitudinous description of A John Taylor House. And yet to do so would not just be completely false, but entirely disingenuous. Rosliston House must never settle for being just another house, simply because it cannot. The four “traditional“ houses have years on us and we have no hope of catching up.

It therefore falls to us to tread a new path. Rosliston House was born of radical change and will mature during a period of great inflection, both in school and in the outside world. Our vision is for a house that reflects this through the promotion of independent thought, a focus on community and an awareness of our place as citizens of a wider world. In this vein, I hope that Rosliston House will have a positive impact on the school for years to come so that, one day, long after I have left, future House members will be able to look back and recognise a radical spirit kindled today, still burning brightly in tomorrow.

Posted by JTMAT