Month: November 2016

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Office 365 for Students

John Taylor High School is proud to announce the new Microsoft Office Pro Plus Program to students. This program provides free access to Office 365 Pro Plus for students enrolled at John Taylor High School.

Any student who is currently enrolled may download and install Office 365 Pro applications on up to 5 devices (PC, MAC, and/or mobile device).

Students will be entitled to this benefit as long as they are on roll (in our Student Management Information System) at John Taylor High School; when they leave John Taylor the software will be deactivated automatically.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a set of applications that includes email, document and file creation, and collaboration tools. The good news is you have been using these tools for years.  What will be different for many of us is the introduction of new versions of your old favourites.  This includes the Outlook application for accessing email; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access); OneNote, a note-taking function; and SharePoint, a storage and application platform that permits file storage, application development, and collaboration.

Office 365 is referred to as a cloud-based service, and access to many of the tools is over the internet.  For the majority, the Microsoft Office application you utilise regularly will continue to be accessed through your computer (in school); however by using Office 365, those applications and your documents will also be accessible over the internet and accessible from anywhere.

5 free copies of Office Pro 2016 (including mobile apps)

To check how many installs you have used visit

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Enter your school email address
  3. On the next screen ensure your email address is correct and enter your network password
  4. You should now see a page like this:
  5. Click Install Office 2016
  6. A file will now be downloaded to your computer
  7. Once installation begins, the installation program will scan your computer for any previous versions of Microsoft Office
  8. If you have a previous version of Microsoft Office installed already, you will have to remove it from your system before continuing the installation.
  9. If you do not have to remove Office, your installation of Office 365 ProPlus will begin.
  10. Once the application is loaded, a progress box will appear as the software downloads the final settings. Please note that the speed of your connection will determine the speed of this part of the installation.
  11. Once all loading is complete, follow the steps (wizard or online prompts) to personalise your Office 365 ProPlus and begin using your software.

If you wish to download office on to your mobile devices follow this link

Useful Links & Resources


This service is provided ‘as is’ and help is available via the Microsoft website, and respective help documentation within programs. We cannot accept any responsibility for an issues you have with the installation, loss of data or compatibility issues.

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Seven Wonders of the World

by Keely Bamber Y13

I decided to take part in the World Challenge expedition to Thailand and Cambodia for a month because I wanted to experience a different part of the world without the assistance of my parents. I also wanted to become more responsible, making vital decisions for myself and the team whilst making new friendships.

I cannot decide what the best part of the trip was for me because I had so many great experiences. The project phase was at a school set up by a non-profit organisation: ‘Home of Faith, Hope, Love’ created to improve education in the local area of Kampong Speu, Cambodia. For me teaching and chatting with the kids had to be a highlight; their English was amazing! Another unforgettable part was visiting one of the seven wonders of the world, watching the sunrise over the temples and as for Angkor Wat Temple, the views were stunning with the most breathtaking scenery. Perhaps my favourite part was the new variety of cuisine available to us – although I think we were all fed up of rice and noodles by the end!!

I would say the hardest parts of the trip were being away from my family and friends for so long. Another thing was initially the heat seemed unbearable making every day quite uncomfortable, however after those first few days we soon acclimatised. I’d highly recommend going on a World Challenge expedition. It teaches you so many different skills that are life-changing and you create friendships with different and unexpected people along the way.


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Young Leaders in Tennis Award  

In partnership with Barton Tennis Club a large number of pupils attended 6 weekly Touch Tennis sessions and completed the first step of the LTA coaching pathway.  Pupils are now able to volunteer in local Tennis Clubs and help support community tennis. It is hoped that these pupils are also able to help coach with the local Primary school pupils and bring the love of tennis to as many as possible.

Remember: Barton Tennis Club Junior Coaching every Friday 6pm-7pm ages 11 – 18yrs. Discounted price to John Taylor pupils of £4 per session.

All playing standards welcome!

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FAIR chance to learn

The new behaviour policy from September 2016 was developed throughout 2015-16 via student questionnaires, student voice work and a staff working group. The outcome of this work was our FAIR system:


These are the basic expectations for all students. Going over and above these expectations will be recognised via our reward system. Falling short of these expectations will lead to behaviour incidents being logged in line with our behaviour management procedure.

From a House perspective, the merit totals so far are:


Well done to Sherwood at this moment in time, 199 merits in front of Charnwood.

One element of our expectations is regarding mobile phone use. Whilst some staff may allow the use of phones to take a photograph of the homework which is written on the board, for example, we do not expect phones out at any other time during a lesson. Students can use their phones, if used appropriately, during break and lunch.

Digital Awareness UK has recently undertaken some research regarding mobile phone use for teenagers. It found that 45% of the students it surveyed checked their mobile phones after they had gone to bed. 94% of those students were on social media. 68% of those students acknowledged that using their mobile phones in this way affected their school work.

How can parents support? Digital Awareness UK suggests:

Refrain from using screens 90 minutes before bedtime;

  1. Turn off notifications, or activate “do not disturb”, “aeroplane mode” or mute settings. Turn the phone off altogether if you can;
  2. Reduce blue light exposure, which can disrupt sleep. For example, most Apple devices have the “night shift mode”, which changes the colour temperature of your device to reduce exposure;
  3. Try and break the habit of unprompted device checking;
  4. Keep your phone in a location that prevents you from seeing, hearing or even reaching for it (leave it in a different room?);
  5. Use a screen time tracker apps, such as RealizD and Moment, that can showcase the amount of time you are spending on your device. Some of these apps allow you to set usage restrictions;
  6. Digital detox – take a break from devices altogether or set times that you will turn your phone off;
  7. Switch the habit – in the 90 minutes running up to bedtime, get stuck into a good book, practise meditation or have a relaxing bubble bath;
  8. Think. If we think about the reasons why we are using mobile devices at night time, we would often think twice; and,
  9. If you take control back by exercising any of the tips listed above, give yourself a pat on the back and a treat.
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Burton Mail Community Champions Awards

On Friday 16th September I attended  the Burton Mail  Community Champions Awards Evening having being nominated by Mrs Berry and Mrs Roberts in the category  for Inspirational Youngster for my dedication to sport and helping others in sport and the local community.

During the course of last year I organsied and ran a variety of primary school festivals, arranged a community tea for the elderly community of Barton.  I also played rounders in the England Elite U16 squad as well as playing cricket in the Staffordshire  Ladies U17 squad.

After arriving at the venue (and checking out the football pitch through  the huge window in the function room!) I was given a celebratory glass of Bucks Fizz, followed by a delicious three-course course meal.

It was then time for the awards ceremony to begin, hosted by Andy Potter  a presenter  from Radio Derby. In total there were 14 award winners in various categories,  including  Teacher of the Year, the Extra Mile Award and Fundraiser of the Year. Each award was sponsored by a different business from the Burton area and  it was their job to choose the winners of their category.

I sat nervously awaiting the time for my name to be announced as winner of my category and finally my name was called.  I was awarded with a framed certificate like every other award winner. In addition to awarding me with the certificate, Andy Potter  started asking me about what I was hoping to achieve in life, what my ambitions were and even went on to interview my nan!

After every award had been commemorated it was time to leave. It was the end of a memorable night and one which will make me want to do more for the local community and carry on with my sport.




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Teacher/Lecturer of the Year Award

Mrs Callaway spends four hours a week of her own time volunteering for SARAC, a Burton charity which supports women and girls over the age of 13 who have been affected by rape, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and domestic abuse.

She was nominated for the award by her pupils at John Taylor.

When nominated, Mrs Callaway said “I’m very pleased to have been nominated. It’s always nice to hear that the students appreciate you.  It would mean a lot to me to win the award. It would be a recognition of what I do in school as well as outside of school”.

On winning the award, Mrs Callaway explained that she first got involved with SARAC five years ago and now undertakes face-to-face counselling.  She added “It’s been tough because you are dealing with tough issues, but as you support people you get to see them blossoming.  It’s humbling in a way.”

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We will always hope that the ‘grooming’ of children will never happen to our own children. However, as part of our duty to keep children safe, there are aspects that parents may wish to be mindful of. Below is a suggested timeline, from Barnardo’s, which has some suggested signs to consider. It may be that you spot these as a parent, you over hear a conversation or your child confides in you about one of their friends. Increased awareness and reporting anything that you suspect to child services or the police will help to reduce the damaging impact of such behaviour.



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Festival of Sport in memory of Val Briggs, PE teacher at de Ferrers

In the summer term Val Briggs, ex PE Teacher from de Ferrers Academy, died suddenly. Val had taught in the Burton area for 35 years plus and was a role model to hundreds of pupils both in and out of school.

On Wednesday 28th September an “afternoon of sport” was arranged in memory of Val and schools took part in an afternoon of football, rounders, netball and badminton; sports she was passionate about. Different age groups from many of the Burton schools came together to play in memory of her. Donations were given to Val’s husband, Stuart, also an ex PE teacher of de Ferrers.  Donations are to go to the Air Ambulance or to provide a bench at Burton Rowing Club where both teachers spent a lot of their time.

John Taylor pupils had an excellent afternoon.

Here is an extract from an email we received from the de Ferrers…

I just want to send an email thanking all of you for supporting this event this afternoon. I felt it truly embraced the reasons that we all took to be involved in sport in our schools.


The students were not just a credit to your school but were also a credit to our district. I genuinely want to thank you, as do the other staff from de Ferrers, for making this event so special and meaningful.


Again it was another first for the district and without doubt a great afternoon of sport. Please congratulate your students – it was a pleasure to host and their thanks to me at the end was greatly appreciated.