Year 9 and year 11 students were treated to  a visit to the Tate Modern. With less than 3 weeks since the opening of its new Switch House building, and a complete rehang of existing gallery spaces, it was an exciting time to visit. The department feels it is really important to be part of contemporary changes in the creative industries. The learning of first hand experience engaging in art is invaluable.

Dan Wakefield, Y12

“As a budding architect, having the opportunity to visit Switch House so soon after opening was a thought-provoking experience. I enjoyed seeing how an iconic architect can respond to (and enhance) various works of art through their designing.”

Keely Bamber, Y12

“I was particularly fascinated by Gustav Metzger’s ‘Liquid Crystal Environment’, which involves five projections across two walls of a blackened room in which we witness the effects of inserting heat-sensitive crystals into glass slides and rotating them in projectors. Resulting in the protection being manipulated by the viewer’s body, the fascinating aspect was not due to the slides changing but rather their colour and luminosity. Eventually, their flickering grew stronger and the saturation began to increase until it was almost painful to look at them. But, as if in a trance, everyone in the room stayed. The light became blinding, and reality returned from someone’s shadow blocking the projection. A very enlightening experience and that I would recommend to all, art enthusiast or not.”


Posted by JTMAT