Success of the water bottles!

Sherwood house would like to thank all those who purchased a water bottle in aid of our house charity: St Giles Hospice. Because of you, we were able to sell 122 bottles raising over £200! This is an amazing amount to give to such a deserving cause! For those who have bought a bottle, please keeping checking on the bulletin to receive information on when and where you should collect your bottle.

Pupil stars of the term!

Congratulations to Lucas Yeomans! Lucas competed with Derby Football Academy, as England’s only team, against other European countries in Holland. They came amazingly in 4th in the under 12s competition, a very impressive achievement without even comparing it to the Euros!

On a final note…

For the last year, Kelsey Grigg and Zoe Peach have worked hard to make their year as house leaders one full of interform competitions, charity events and general activities to create an exciting atmosphere in the Sherwood house! We, speaking not only as house leaders but as Sherwood students, would like to give a very big thank you for all the time and effort they have given to supporting Sherwood!

Furthermore, at the end of this year, quite a few students will be leaving Sherwood to join one of the new houses. We obviously wish them the very best at their new house, but would like to remind them that we were their original home at school and therefore should be a little less competitive when playing against Sherwood… Remember where you came from!

Another thank you to Frankie Cox who will be leaving Sherwood in September to join Rosliston house. We wish her all the best and hope they appreciate all the hard work she puts in to create an amazing house!

As Frankie is leaving, we would like to introduce Katie Knowles S05:

Hi Sherwood. As a house leader, I have the role of mentor which means that if you have any issues, you are welcome to come and talk to me about it. You can find me in M8 during form time or you can just come and find me around the school. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology, so if you have any questions about those subjects, feel free to come and speak to me.

Have a fabulous summer break and we look forward to continuing our journey together in the Autumn term.

Posted by JTMAT