The PTA are pleased to have been able to contribute a massive £9000 to the new main hall project which includes a fabulous new projection system and expanded entrance way.

As a result, funds are much depleted and parent support at next year’s fundraising events will be essential so that the PTA can continue to provide things for the school they would not normally be able to have. Items on request for the coming academic year include a visit from acclaimed author Tom Palmer (renowned for getting Year 7 boys into reading!), new PE equipment, and chefs whites for the GCSE catering students. At present we will struggle to meet all these requests

Due to lack of interest our biggest fundraiser, the Summer Ball, had to be cancelled so new events will be organized next year that we hope will appeal to more parents. Ideas include a wine tasting, live band night with meal, barn dance and bingo evening. If you would like to be involved in any of these fundraisers or have ideas of your own please contact Jane at

If you are unable to attend fundraisers but would still like to contribute to your child’s school life an easy way to do this is to simply to donate through the Charitable Trust. For details please contact Sara at

 Facebook: For regular information, chat to other parents and ask questions, find us at John Taylor High School – Parents to Parents

PTA Meetings

These are held in the Training Centre adjacent to the school starting at 7pm.

They are not fundraising meetings; there is absolutely no pressure on getting involved.

It’s much more information sharing between parents and school. Please come along and see!

  • Wednesday      21/09/2016
  • Wednesday      16/11/2016
  • Wednesday      11/01/2017
  • Wednesday      08/03/2017
  • Wednesday      10/05/2017
  • Wednesday      28/06/2017



1st No 74 Katrina Dillon
2nd No 144 Caroline Ahmed
3rd No 145 Tracy Mills


1st No 37 Joanne Bryan
2nd No 207 Sara Shipton
3rd No 110 David Poulton


1st No 136 Katrina Dillon
2nd No 165 J Baker
3rd No 35 Alison Jones

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