In September 2016 we will launch a new online system that staff, parents and pupils can access at school or at home. We are very much excited about the potential of this system, especially linked to the fact that this system can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet device as well as a home computer. We are hoping that this increased functionality will really help support parents in engaging will how their son or daughter is performing at school. The system is new to JTHS, so some of the aspects will become available over the course of the next academic year. Within this system you can track attendance, behaviour and access your son or daughter’s academic reports. You will receive an e-mail notification when the reports are available for you to view.


Students will be able to:

  • Access their timetable
  • Check their current levels of attendance
  • Trace their behaviour—merits and behaviour incidents
  • Track their assessment data
  • Check what homework has been set and when it is due

Parents will be able to access:

  • Student progress reports
  • Attendance reports
  • Track behaviour—merits and behaviour incidents
  • Check what homework has been set and when it is due
  • Access student timetables

We need your help!

You will be advised how to log on to this system in due course but it will be essential that the e-mail address that you provide us for anyone with parental responsibility is correct. Any changes to your contact details need to be communicated with school as soon as possible. This really will help both school and parents to ensure the transition to the new system is as smooth as possible.

We are also aware that many of our students are doing many other qualifications outside of school e.g. music exam, dance exams, sporting qualifications, etc. Please do let us know about these qualifications so we, first, congratulate your son or daughter on their success, but also so we can add these to the list of qualifications that have been gained.

Implications of the Change of System for Parents:

Whilst we envisage that this system will lead to a wealth of improvements, please be aware that it will mean that we will no longer be using the Vault.  If you have not downloaded or printed off a copy of your son or daughter’s past reports, please be aware that these will not be available to access in September.  If you wish to have a copy for your records, please download them or print a copy before then.


Posted by JTMAT