Five AEDs now in place

In the Autumn term last year Mr Anthony Cartwright met with Mr Fogarty and Mr Donoghue to discuss the possibility of having defibrillators in the school. During this meeting Anthony made Mr Fogarty and Mr Donoghue aware that their son Daniel had been diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. This is a genetic condition that can lead to irregularities in the heart rhythm that can potentially lead to a cardiac arrest. Daniel is now on medication for this condition and he is now safe and getting on with life. Daniel is currently in year six at Thomas Russell Junior School and he will be moving up to John Taylor High School in September.

Anthony and his wife Steph have been very proactive in raising money to purchase Automatic External Defibrillators for use on people who suffer a cardiac arrest. These instruments are lifesavers and the school is very grateful for the very kind donation of five AEDs that will be placed around the school. Mr Fogarty at the school has been working closely with Anthony Cartwright and the Cardiac Charity SADS UK to ensure that the appropriate staff training takes place so that staff are confident to use the AEDs. So far ten staff have been trained on how to use the devices and how to carry out CPR. Further staff training will take place in September. Mr Fogarty is also going into assemblies to inform all our students about the AEDs and the importance to respect them. Due to the efforts by the Cartwright family and the team at SADS UK the school are now in a much better position to treat any person on site who suffers a life threatening cardiac arrest.


Posted by JTMAT