by Amber Threlfall, Y7

072016-KitCarrying.pngOn 25th/26th June I was kit carrying for the British championships in Birmingham. This competition decided which athletes would go to the Olympics. It included Adam Gemili, Jason Dasaolu, Dwain Chambers, Jenny Meadows, Dina Asher-Smith, Perri Shakes-Drayton and many more amazing athletes.

On the Saturday, there were 7000 people in the stadium, all waiting to find out who goes to the Olympics. The first race was the women’s 400m heats. This went by very quickly and soon the men were competing.

We were running behind schedule and then there were technical issues as well. Conrad Williams’ speaker wasn’t working which meant he didn’t start until everyone has gained on him very early in the race. Unfortunately he finished 4th which meant he didn’t qualify for the final the next day. If the speaker had worked chances are that he would have won.

The next thing I knew I was helping out with the 100m hurdles final, which Tiffany Porter won. Then it was the 100m men’s final, I was kit carrying for Dwain Chambers, and walked right into Jason Dasaolu. Just like that, the day was over.

The first event on the Sunday was race walking, but because they had never had kit carriers before they didn’t realise it was a box per person – that should have been really obvious.

The day went by in a blur, the only thing I really remember is kit carrying for Adam Gemili in the men’s 200m final. He spoke to me and so, I spoke to him. The rule was only talk if the athlete talks to you. Not many of the athletes spoke to you.

So the fact that he spoke to me was an honour. He asked if I did athletics, which events I like and when my next competition was. I run for a club called Birchfield Harriers and my favourite events are long jump, triple jump and 200m.  I was about to represent East Staffordshire in a competition and when he heard that he wished me luck and hoped that he would see me there one day, competing for England. Unfortunately my competition got rained off! I love athletics and hopefully, one day I will get to compete for my country.


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