Meet your new house leaders

052016-NeedwoodNatter.jpgHi everyone! We’re sure you know who we all are now as you would have seen us in assemblies or organising your house competitions. As your new house leaders we will encourage all students in Needwood to get involved not only in competitions but to also try your best to raise as much money possible for the house charity. We also are enthusiastic about house competitions and would like to remind you that you are always welcome to give us some new ideas or improvements if you have any. Your new senior house leader is Rosie McNeilly and her deputy is Rosie Riches, then there is Zoe Lee-Rose and Josh Hunt and we fully intend to work as part of a collaborative team to continue the high spirits within Needwood.

What’s going on?

Fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy UK: Any fundraising should be fully underway now! We are aiming for each form raise at least £30 so be generous- the money won’t raise itself! If any forms are planning a fundraising event can you please email Josh so that they can be coordinated to avoid events clashing and we can ensure that it’s promoted around school. The email is and simply mention what’s the idea and when you would like to do it.

House competitions are now underway. As informed there are different prizes for the best plane and most creative design so we are hoping for all forms to collaborate to create a very imaginative plane that we will launch for best plane nearer the end of the term.

As your new house leaders, we hope to improve the house on a whole so if anyone has any suggestions or improvements then don’t hesitate to come and talk to one of us!

We also want to wish students the best of luck during this exam period.

Posted by JTMAT