Five students from John Taylor High School have been awarded medals in the British Biology Olympiad (BBO), the Society of Biology’s national competition for 16-18 year olds. A further five students were awarded certificates of commendation in the annual competition which aims to stimulate students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents by offering a wider syllabus than A-level. The competition was tough with over 7000 students taking part this year.

The competition consisted of two one-hour multiple choice papers taken online in schools in January. Those students who achieved Gold, Silver or Bronze awards, will be invited to attend a Society awards ceremony in London later this year.

Many congratulations to the following students:

  • Rhian Webb – Silver medal
  • Alex Monaghan, Alix Henwood, Katie Baker and Natalie Malin – Bronze medal
  • Nicholas Davis – Highly commended
  • Jade Jenkins, Lizzie Thacker, Alice Sault, Charlotte O’Loughlin – Commended

Our Y12 Biologists have also been in competitive mode with three students choosing to enter the Society for Biology essay competition. The theme for this year’s essay was Endocrinology. The students were set the challenge of choosing a subject area of interest and then researching and writing a 1,000 word essay. These were submitted to a panel of University lecturers including the Chair of the National Endocrinology Society. They then attended a ‘present and defend’ day at Leicester University where they quizzed on their specialist subject and research methods. During the day they also got to see various interactive displays and attend a lecture on the topic of Endocrinology.

All three essays were outstanding and the judges were very impressed with the quality of research and subject knowledge demonstrated by the participants. I am pleased to report that Emma Swift’s essay on ‘Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia’ came runner up out of 14 entrants, a fantastic achievement. Credit must also go to Amy Wilkinson with her essay on ‘Oestrogen and Breast Cancer’ and Bryony Hawkins who discussed ‘Death by Cortisol’. These were both high quality pieces of research that girls should be very proud of.

Not to be left behind, our GCSE Biologists have been in competitive mode as well! The top 67 students in the year group have participated in the Biology challenge, an online competition designed to engage and stimulate curiosity in the subject. Questions are set on the topics covered in most general Biology courses for pupils of this age but the Biology Challenge also rewards those students whose knowledge of the subject has been increased by reading books and magazines, watching natural history programmes and taking notice of the news media for items of biological interest, students who are generally aware of our natural flora and fauna. 52 students received an award, with 15 gaining medals. Congratulations to all the participants

Gold: Amelia Beresford, Harry Stuart

Silver: Julia Reynolds, Daniel Scott and Henry Stubbs

Bronze: Anna Franklin, Amber Jones, Charlie Jones, Tom Leve, Evie Mainwaring, Vanda Kiss, Ella Price, Tomos Rowlands, Tom Swift and Suzanna Welburn.

by Mrs P Bamber

Posted by JTMAT