In Year 9 Art and Design lessons students have been working together on a project, the theme being ‘The Built Environment’. After researching and sharing ideas each class came up with a way to express the human made world. From extravagant outfits to digital projections everyone had their ideas incorporated into their classes design brief. Our class took inspiration from architecture to create innovative headdresses. We worked in small teams to design, experiment and make them. When completed we modelled them also working in teams of photographers, make-up artists, lighting and backdrop designers. This really brought the class together and it was a lot of fun.

We presented the work in the Year 9 exhibition (not ‘expedition’ as Kyle called it, although it was a fascinating journey). Lots of friends and family members attended and appreciated the Year 9’s hard work. This project has felt like a real achievement, we feel that each pupil gained a sense of satisfaction and also made lots of progress with their Art and Design skills.

by Holly Ward, Olivia Barlow, Kyle Richardson, Emma Kellaghan

Posted by JTMAT