You may know that it was Safer Internet Day on the 9th February – an important date in the calendar to help your child understand how to be safe online. We have held various assemblies about internet safety and it features highly in our tutor programme.

It is important that YOU also understand internet safety in order to support your child.

 Sexting is a growing issue across the country and can lead to bullying, humiliation, child sexual exploitation or even a criminal record.  Sexting is sending sexualised images via text or over the internet. It is a real risk to children from every background – recent research has shown that children as young as nine are being pressured into sending a ‘sext’, at least 40% of children have created a sexual image or video and 25% have sent an image onto someone else.  Research has also shown that most children don’t understand the consequences of sexting and many think that it’s ‘normal.’

As part of a county campaign, Staffordshire County Council and Staffordshire Police have created a number of videos for young people to encourage them to stay safe online.

To be really effective, we are urging parents to go to the parents pages at the new partnership website at to see the videos and consider using the ‘conversation starters’ which can be found there.   

It is a myth that young people don’t want their parents to get involved in their internet life.  They do – they want to talk to you about staying safe.  The website has all the information that you need to know about sexting and online safety, so please take the time to have a look at it and we strongly encourage that you consider using it to support your child.

Posted by JTMAT