“Joining mathletes is like social suicide”- this quote is probably true but none of us care because MREW was an amazing weekend and I would 110% recommend it to next year’s mathletes!

At 3 o’clock on the Friday afternoon my countdown app gave me a notification – “MREW”. We arrived around 5pm, when my 02 Yaris needed a long awaited break, and we got started with some excellent maths skills from Ryan Jones who couldn’t even count the number of people in a room. Before any work was to be done the most important matter was to be dealt with – tomorrow night’s food; chicken tikka masala was the front runner with chocolate fudge cake for pudding.

052016-MREW-02Then we started the crossbow challenge. In groups we were given a crossbow and some darts and then told to create a mechanics project of our own choice. Someone however was stupid enough to give James Manton the crossbow to fire and he hit another guest within 20 minutes of starting the project. With Ruttley leading the way, our team had five different projects to get started with. Working out the initial speed of the darts meant that we could use this data to work out a wide array of things, such as air resistance, recoil of the crossbow and the angle at which the bullet hit the floor. On the Sunday all teams did their presentations and we came a strong second with 17 out of 20.

Throughout the weekend we had the MREW league questions, and here we all realised there are no friends on maths camp. Fahad, Jazmine, Alix and Ben landed on top and battled it out to the end in the final. Each had a crossbow ready to fire when they thought they had the answer. The tension built up while the crowd watched intensely and then Fahad fired the crossbow in the last question and took the title. He won … a broken pen.

Friday night was Casino night where we all learnt how to gamble. Throughout the night I managed to keep all my chips until the end when Mr Holmes interfered and lost me everything. At least I wasn’t Torin who was bankrupt within a very short period of time. The winner was Tom Shipton with over 200 chips by the end of the night- I bet he wished that was real money.

To start off the sunny Saturday morning were some Maths Challenge Questions, followed by an activity where the room was split into two teams and an individual from each team stood up and spoke for one minute on a hidden category behind a picture. There was some really hard maths ones along with the school one-way system (random I know.) Core 3 was next and we did activities such as sorting exam questions into groups and spotting someone else’s error when answering some of these questions. Following this we all put on our walking boots and we battled a steep climb to the top where we ate our picnic and admired the views. This break had to come to an end where we had to return to the classroom and attack Core 4. We did the same activities as for Core 3 earlier on but we also had some self study time too.

052016-MREW-03Saturday night was quiz night. We had a maths relay which was all about mental maths (not my strong point I have to admit) and each answer was used in the following question. All I can say is it was VERY intense and as always VERY competitive. After the maths relay was the pub quiz and the prime five were ready. Sophie however persuaded us to use our joker on a round she was very confident with until the sheet came to us and we couldn’t answer any. It was only until after the round had finished we realised the dingbats were school-themed!! Obviously the teachers won both… I think they must have cheated.

The last day was a very emotional day all round and as we shed a tear we created our MIPs on an area we weren’t so confident on. (For those of you who don’t know MIPs are basically posters/spider diagrams without arrows.)

Then it was time to travel home. However my Yaris clearly didn’t want to leave MREW either because my wheel trim started to make a whistling sound. I pulled over with my hazard lights on to check it out but all was well because the A Team stopped their car and ran to the rescue (James, Fahad and Dan). James stepped up to the task of fixing my wheel to then only kick it and break it even more – he does feel extremely guilty though. I dropped off my passengers one by one and returned home from what was a GREAT weekend!! I learnt many things over the weekend improving my Maths in all areas but I also learnt that even Maths teachers get it very wrong with Mr Curzon’s bad counting skills in blackjack along with Mr Holmes’ fatal mistake of root 30 x root 10 = root 40!!


 “I didn’t realise there would be so much Maths at Math Camp”- Andy

“Do I have to revise for Math Camp?”- Hattie

“Why calculator when you can calcunow”- James Manton

“There was a lot of human error, a lot of it was down to Jade”- Dan

 Extra Note from Mr Holmes :-  Many thanks to the staff; Mr May, Mr Curzon, Mrs Hawksworth and Mrs Heppleston for giving up their time to help make this weekend a great success.  The students were all fantastic and it was a pleasure to spend the weekend with them.  I hope they all treasure this experience and look back on it in many years to come….

MREW 2017 :- Reserve the date now Friday 28th April to Sunday 30th April.

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