There are a few things to mention since my last article in the JT News.  We have been very busy trying to stretch our able Mathematicians in the UKMT Challenges this year and as I write this the Y8 are currently doing the Junior UKMT Maths Challenge.  There are 65 pupils trying their best for John Tylor.  These results will be available by the end of May.

Y10 and Y11 pupils took part in the Intermediate Challenge on the 4th Feb.  Entrants from all across the country took part in the challenge totalling over 200,000.  34 students from John Taylor participated in the challenge and 5 achieved a gold certificate, 10 silver and 10 bronze.  Well done to everyone who took part.  We also had four pupils who qualified for the next round.  This is a great achievement and the Maths department at John Taylor are very proud of you.

Gold Certificates

  • Harry Stuart (Y10) (next round Olympiad)
  • James Ruttley (Y11) (next round Kangaroo)
  • Soran Nokes (Y11) (next round Kangaroo)
  • Henry Stubbs (Y10) (next round Kangaroo)
  • Sam Joyce (Y11)

Silver Certificates

  • Lauren Harrington (Y11)
  • Amelia Beresford (Y10)
  • Alex Holmes (Y11)
  • George Robson (Y11)
  • Aaron Ramsey (Y11)
  • Paul Moughtin-Leay (Y11)
  • Rebecca Hand (Y11)
  • Ben Gilmore (Y10)
  • Ryan Knight (Y11)
  • Samuel Jackson (Y11)

Bronze Certificates

  • Joshua Harper (Y11)
  • Lorna McKinlay (Y11)
  • Thomas Layland (Y11)
  • Thomas Reynolds (Y11)
  • Jack Simpson (Y11)
  • Nathan De Giorgi (Y11)
  • Anna Franklin (Y10)
  • Dominic Belfield (Y10)
  • James Haslam (Y11)
  • Darcy Horler (Y11)

As mentioned above Harry Stuart (Y10) did fantastically well in this Challenge and went on to sit the Olympiad paper.  This was a 2 hour written paper and the marks were awarded for correct Mathematical thought process and ease of solutions.  Harry did really well on this getting full marks on three out of six questions.

We have also been busy entering team challenges.  We took a team of four pupils, two Y8 and two Y9, to Swanwick Hall in Derbyshire to compete in the challenge there.  Ben Bradley and Aleksander Frost made up the Y8s and Abi Ramsey and Jessica Jones were the Y9s.  Mrs Manning took the pupils on the day and she told me how good they were and how excited they found the Maths.  At one point, in a very intense Maths Relay, she thought that Ben would actually “Explode”…..

A Y10 team also travelled to Keele University with Mrs Hawksworth to take place in a Maths Challenge there.  Harry Stuart, Henry Stubbs, Anna Franklin and Amelia Beresford were all fantastic in this event and they won three out of the five rounds.  In one of the rounds the pupils were given an area of Maths that was completely new to them and had 30 minutes to try and learn as much as they could from given information.  On the day it was Complex Numbers.  Luckily for us Harry has had some insight into this because of his love of Maths.  The team did particularly well in this round.

Well I think that will do for now.  The department would just like to wish our Y11 and Y12/13 all the best with the forthcoming exams.  Put the time into your revision and get yourself prepared.  Go and ask your teacher for help at any break/lunch time.

by Mr Holmes

Posted by JTMAT