The Year 12 BTEC in sport pupils organised a dodgeball festival for the John Taylor family of primary schools in December. This event is just one module of a number of units they have to do to fulfil the BTEC course in Y12. It involved planning absolutely everything for the session; all pupils had a role or a responsibility that they had to fulfil. Weekly meetings were held to check that all would go smoothly on the evening; risk assessments, certificates, equipment and a contingency plan just in case things went wrong.

Four teams entered the competition in which there had to be a mixture of boys and girls in each team. When the primary pupils arrived they were introduced to the Y12 students and then participated in a lively warm-up. Each team were then assigned to a court in the sports hall and had a new skill to learn and practise. This could have been throwing, catching or “dodging” a ball. After the skills the sports hall was split into two areas and each school played the best of three, two-minute games of dodgeball. The eventual winners were Forest Federation – well done!

Congratulations to all the primary pupils who had a great evening making sure they dodged all the balls. But also well done to the BTEC in Sport pupils and the sports leaders who helped to make the festival such a success.

Posted by JTMAT