by Mrs H Barnby
This year we are having a series of form challenges across the year with a range of different skills that will be tested, but with the theme of each form having to work collaboratively in order to achieve. The first challenge was the Shoebox Appeal where the school managed to donate 234 boxes, which was fantastic. The January challenge was ‘the Drop!’

With no prior information, each form was e-mailed their challenge just before the Tutor session. Each form was provided with a raw egg, 40 straws and a small roll of Sellotape. The goal was to design and build a structure that would prevent the raw egg from breaking from a 3m (ish) drop. Only the materials provided could be used, no research was allowed including no input from the Form Tutor and only 15 minutes was allowed. Eggs that survived ‘the drop’ successfully completed the challenge. If more than one team was successful, the winner was determined by the team with the fewest straws used.

The atmosphere was superb and each form had a slightly different way of working and their creations were all unique. Some provided a structure for support, others a ‘collecting’ container (although that relied on accuracy of the drop…) and one form even created a parachute!

Top forms per House: K07, M06, N04, S04.

Overall scores for the combined events: 1st N04, 2nd M06, 3rd S04, 4th N08, 5th K07.

Congratulations so far. Remember that the positions are far from finalized and there is still much to play for!

Posted by JTMAT