Hello, my name is Rosie McNeilly. I’m in N02 and I’m a new house leader! I’ve been a proud member of Needwood for five years now and throughout these years we have achieved great things which I hope continues into this new year! I am studying Biology, Drama, English Language and History and in my spare time I like to keep fit and play the piano. I hope that we can really thrive as a team by supporting each other as I am determined that 2016 will be an amazing year for Needwood, successfully raising money for our wonderful charity choice “Muscular Dystrophy UK” and smashing the other houses once again on sports day!

My name is Zoe Lee-Rose and I am from N02. As one of your new house leaders I intend to listen to the house and bring about change based on what you, as a house, would like to see different. So any problem that you have don’t hesitate to pass it on to your house council representative to be further be discussed and changed if necessary.

My name is Rosanna Riches from N06 and I am one of the four new house leaders of Needwood house. I am currently studying Maths, Biology, Philosophy and Ethics, and also Geography. I hope that soon these subjects will allow me a place to study Nutrition at university. In the meantime I am determined that Needwood house will develop and succeed in later competitions and be as supportive as I have witnessed for the past five years at John Taylor.

Hi my name’s Josh Hunt and I’m in N05. I joined John Taylor this year and I’m taking Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Computing. For hobbies, I play cricket and skateboard occasionally as well as going out with my friends. As your house leader I aim to make this house the best of them all and win the house events. I’m very competitive when it comes to events so I hope you’ll give your all when the time comes.

As mentioned, our house charity is Muscular Dystrophy UK, which is an important charity us as a house since previously diagnosed Needwood student Jake Lear sadly passed away last year. A huge loss. Therefore we are extremely enthusiastic to do all we can to aid the charity! To kick off the fundraising, N06 are hosting a raffle
that will take place over the next few weeks. The top prizes include £100 paintballing gift card, family ticket for the Adventure Farm, and many more! Tickets will be sold during form times and other dates so see posters and the bulletin for further details.

Posted by JTMAT