Introducing the new Sherwood leaders

Frankie Cox Hello, my names Frankie Cox and I am one of the new house leaders for Sherwood. I am currently doing my A levels and the subjects I have taken are: English Language, Biology, Geography and Psychology. I was interested in becoming a house leader because it will be great to work as a team with the other house leaders to help raise money for the house’s charity which is St. Giles Hospice and take a more active role in Sherwood as a house.

Kathleen Oates
Hi, I’m Kathleen and I am currently studying BTEC Business and Geography at A-level. I applied to become a Sherwood house leader in order to carry on the success of the work the current house leaders have achieved for our house, as well as bringing new and exciting ideas to make Sherwood house the best in the school!

Jaime Nichols
Hello, I’m Jaime. As well as becoming one of the new Sherwood house leaders, I am also currently studying English Literature, History, Maths and Chemistry at AS level. My incentive to becoming house leaders was to continue with building on the success of the current house leaders in unifying the Sherwood house completely, as well as create innovative and imaginative interform competitions.

Jordan Cable
Hiya, my name is Jordan. Currently I am studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Computer Science. I applied for the role of house leader to bring my own quirky twist to the house. I am hoping to bringm loads of ideas to the table and also include some of my techy @m@zingness in the mix. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.

House competition
The house leaders would like to thank all the forms that participated in the latest form competition: the flag competition. Each form did extremely well, we have joint winners; congratulations to S04 & S15. Enjoy the doughnuts!

Charity fundraising
The next fundraising event for St. Giles Hospice is the Valentine’s Day cards we shall be selling in the lower link block between the 8th and 11th February during the whole of lunch. Each card costs 50p with all profits going towards the charity. Your identity is our secret so don’t be shy!

Additionally, there will continue to be a cake sale every Friday in the lower link block. Each cake will be priced between 50p and £1 and, again, all profits will go to the house charity.

If any Sherwood students have any achievements that they would like mentioned in the JT News please inform Miss Bale or one of the House Leaders.

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