The House system that we have in place at John Taylor High School is one that we are very proud of.

Following recent pupil and staff feedback it was clear that the vertical system is highly valued and has significant strengths. For the students, strengths include allowing them to seek advice from older students and gain an understanding of what will be happening in their future. For staff, the vertical system provides a mix of students and an opportunity for the development of some of the ‘soft’ skills such as leadership and cooperation which are so important when seeking employment or further education.

As you may be aware, this academic year we have increased our Y7 intake from an eight form to a nine form entry, and plan to continue as a nine form intake in future years. With more students, we have taken the decision to expand from four to six Houses from September 2016. The overall numbers of students per House will be reduced from a potential total of 420 students in each House to 280, thus ensuring quality of pastoral care. The change reflects the priority that the school places on the care and guidance that our students receive. It will also allow us to continue to improve the tracking and monitoring of the progress of our students, provide better communication, and greater opportunity for more specific intervention if and when required.

There will be a need to migrate some of our students into the new Houses and for a small number to join a new form. We will do our utmost to re-assign students as sensitively as we can and parents of students affected will be contacted by Easter. Those students moving to a new House will require a change to the colour of their badge and tie. The school have budgeted to cover the cost of replacing ties and badges for blazers. Whilst we recognise that some of the PE Kit is in House colours, with the new style kit to be introduced in September, we envisage a cross over for a year if necessary.

We are writing to advise you of this change, which we believe will be a positive development for the future of the school. Further details will be provided as necessary.

Posted by JTMAT