Welcome to our regular feature, ‘Behind the Scenes’.

Parents and visitors to the school regularly meet with teaching staff but may be unaware of some of the teams of support staff who are invaluable to the smooth running of the school and to the welfare of our students.

This time we hear from our ‘canteen ladies’. “We are a team of seven happy ladies all of whom work very hard to feed the students of John Taylor!

We serve breakfast from 8.00am and food during break and lunch. Choices include bacon/sausage sandwiches, pizzas, paninis, toasties, bagels, potato wedges, Pasta King, pasta salads, fresh fruit salads and a variety of sandwiches, in addition to the hot meal and pudding of the day, which is on a three week rotation. We abide by the recipes supplied by our head office at Compass and also adhere to the food standards. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy a healthy balanced diet.

We serve around 1250 students, plus staff, each day.”

Posted by JTMAT